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How can I change my email address for NYC update notifications? 


We use a Yahoo Groups email list ( for notifications of new NYC versions, so you must login to your Yahoo account and change the email yourself. 


To change your email address on your Yahoo Groups:

1.       Click the link above and Sign In to your Yahoo account

2.       Once you sign in, click on Account Info under your name.

3.       In Account Info, click Account Security.

4.       Change or add an email address.


Can I rebuild the ingredient droplist (ingred.lst) and other droplists from scratch using the current recipes in the current cookbook? 


Yes, you can rebuild each using recipes in your cookbook.  Open the cookbook upon which you want the droplist based.  Then select Recipes... Droplists> Ingredients .  In the ingredient droplist window, delete the ingredients, and Save.  Then use the button "Update Using Recipes".   Then touch up the resulting list as needed.


For the other droplists, you can perform the analogous actions on each droplist.


If you do NOT want these droplists updated when you add a new recipe, select Tools... Options... Editing... and uncheck "add items to droplist, price list".

How can I get NYC cookbooks onto my iPhone?

Here is how one iPhone user does it:

1.      Go to iTunes apps store and get the app "Documents 2 free".

2.      Publish the cookbook from within NYC (“File… Publish Cookbook…”). 

3.      Start iTunes, connect iPhone, go to your iPhone, and then apps.  Scroll down to bottom of page where it shows all apps that can get information from your computer.  Select “Documents 2” app.  Drag the published word document cookbook into the right window.  The iPhone will auto sync and the cookbook will be on your iPhone.  Disconnect iPhone.

4.      Start “Documents 2” app and load cookbook. The table of contents works to take you right to the recipe you selected.

NYC’s Publish Cookbook feature requires Word 10 or higher on your computer.  If you don’t have Word 10+, you could probably do something analogous with a cookbook as a text file.  So you would export your recipes to a text file (File… Export Recipes…) or print a cookbook to a text file using File… Print… cookbook(s) with  “print to file”, then drag the published text file onto your iPhone.

If you just want to “view” your NYC cookbooks on your iPhone, you can install Jump or another remote desktop app on your phone and PC, then run NYC on your iPhone in the the Jump window.  See this for details.

I use NYC on two computers.  What is the best way to synchronize/update each database with the latest info?

Here are ways to update one computer from another…


If the 2 computers are networked:


Keep the official database on one computer, then access it with the other computer over the network.  This will work provided there is no simultaneous access of the database (NYC is not a true network database application that allows simultaneous access).


If the 2 computers are not networked:


Designate one computer as the official database, and from that computer, email your cookbook to the other computer for updates from time to time (File... Email Cookbook...). 


Or use File... Zip Cookbook... to zip up the cookbooks and related files it needs (this will be done automatically), then copy the zip file to the other computer using a flash drive, unzip it in your user folder, then open it with NYC.


Or use File... Backup... to back up all your user files, including cookbooks.  Copy the *.nyb file to a flash drive then to your other computer, and use File... Restore... to selectively restore cookbooks... from the backup.


I maximize a window and I want NYC to keep this setting in future sessions.  How do I get NYC to remember a large window size and position?


NYC will remember all window size and positions except maximized and minimized.  I suggest you do this:


  1. make sure NYC is set to remember window positions (Tools… Options… interface tab… remember window positions)
  2. drag the corners of the window as large as you can get them (without maximizing).


Now when you close and re-open NYC, the window should open large just as you set it.


What is the difference between NYC and NYC Express? 


These are two distinct and different programs requiring a different registration code be purchased for each.  NYC is the full cooking software that we maintain diligently, while NYC Express is a skeletal rendition.  There have been literally dozens of new NYC versions, but only one new NYC Express version.  You can see details of the differences on our product comparison site.  Please note that NYC Express is no longer offered or supported, so you are encouraged to download and upgrade to the full version of NYC.  To upgrade to NYC with lifetime free upgrades, see product #3192 at .


Can I use NYC from two different computers on a network to access (read/update) the same cookbooks?


NYC lets you browse for cookbooks across all network drives.  See File... Open Cookbook... and use the drive list selection to find cookbooks on other drives on the network.  You can access any cookbook on any mapped drive.  So just keep your cookbooks on one computer's hard drive, share that drive to the network, then use NYC on any networked computer to open the cookbook on the shared drive.


A few things to keep in mind here:

1.      NYC is not a true network app, so you cannot simultaneously access a cookbook from two different computers. 

2.      Any computer using NYC to access a cookbook on a network drive must have read and write access to the network drive, or NYC will fail with an Error 75 (read only file) message.


Is an electronic version of the NYC User Manual available for download?


No, the NYC user manual is only available in hard copy.  If we made it available for free as a download, people would copy it and email it to each other and we could never recover the cost of producing and maintaining it - thus the hard copy route.  It is available by itself on our secure online order site for $14 (see product #3678 or #3679).  If you are not yet a registered user, I suggest you opt for one of the options that includes reg code, manual, and CD.


Can I customize the sounds that occur when I start and stop NYC?


Yes, you can use any .wav file for the start or quit tones.  Just rename your .wav file to nyc_start.wav or nyc_quit.wav (as appropriate) and copy it into your NYC folder to replace the default .wav files. 


How do I turn off the sounds that occur when I start and stop NYC?

You can toggle the sounds on or off using Tools… Options… Interface…. “sound tones at start and quit”. 

What are all the sources of documentation for NYC?

The NYC Help file, NYC user manual, NYC User Tips, our website, our online tutorials, and this NYC FAQ .   You can also get great help from other NYC users by joining the NYC-MM email group.  You can get notices of new releases of NYC by joining the NYC_Updates email group.

Do I need Meal-Master and Mastercook to run NYC?

No.  The only reason these programs are mentioned in NYC documentation is because NYC can import text recipes exported from them.  So if you find text recipes in MM (*.mmf) or MC (*.mxp) format on the internet, you can easily import them into NYC using File... Import Recipes.

I got a new computer. What is the best way to get my user files onto it?

For the most detailed answer, see .

If you have the 2 computers networked, you can use File... Upgrade... from within NYC on the new computer to bring over and upgrade the files from your old computer.

If you don't have them networked:

If you were using v4.50 or higher on your old computer, simply copy the contents of the \user subdirectory onto your backup medium and copy it onto your new computer under your NYC directory.  If you have no tape backup or ZIP drive and are stuck with diskettes, you will need to zip the cookbooks and put one or two on each diskette (don't forget to get the other files, too).

If you were using a version prior to v4.50 on your old computer, several of those files will need upgrading. You should copy the old \user subdirectory under a \junk directory on your new computer, copy the old executable (nycxxx.exe) into the \junk directory on your new computer (NYC must find an executable or it will not allow Upgrade), and then use File... Upgrade... on the new NYC to bring over and upgrade files from the \junk\user directory on the new computer.

See more help in the FAQ in Recipe Import/Export (under Operations).

What screen resolution is best with NYC?

NYC works best if you have your video resolution (see Control Panel... Display...) set at 1024 x 768 or higher.

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Last Updated:  12/2/2013

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