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What are external applications, and how does NYC use them?

External apps are readily available programs that NYC uses for certain functions that increase its power.  Use of external apps avoids redundant programming of these utilities into NYC, and lets our developers focus on cooking features.  After you identify these apps to NYC (Tools... Options... External Applications...), you can launch them from the NYC interface to perform these activities:

--web browser – to browse the web for tech support and use Quick Web Recipes feature
--text editor – to edit text files and use the To Editor recipe export feature
--image editor – to modify recipe images

In older versions of NYC (5.53 and earlier), an external zip utility was used for file compression, but NYC now has its own internal zip engine.  Other external apps NYC uses via OLE automation are Microsoft Word (version 10+) and your default web browser.

When I try to publish a cookbook or open a previously published cookbook, I get “Word cannot be opened…” or  Error 429 ActiveX component can't create object trying to open Word document”.  What’s wrong?


This error suggests a problem with MS Office or MS Word automation on your PC.  One user reported he fixed the problem by running Detect and Repair from the Help menu in Word.  It came back and gave a message that the “Office Source” engine was disabled.  To fix this, he right-clicked on My Computer… Manage… Services and Applications… Services… Office Source Engine and turned the service back on.  Then he ran Detect and Repair again, after which NYC could successfully activate Word for publishing.

What external applications do you recommend for use with NYC?

web browser:  Netscape 4.5+ or MS Internet Explorer 4+
text editor:   Ultra Edit, WordPad*, NotePad**
image editor:  Paint Shop Pro 4+

Comments on text editors:

* If you use WordPad or a word processor such as Word or Word Perfect, you must always remember to save the file as a plain text file.  NYC won't work well with the binary formats of these programs

** NotePad will work as your text editor except for large files, which it cannot open.  Recipe text files with a thousand recipes in them can get quite large, so we do not recommend NotePad for this purpose.

Can I use WinZip as NYC's external zip utility?

You only need a zip utility though for NYC v5.53 and earlier.  Later versions have an internal zip engine that eliminates the use of an external application.  But the answer for NYC 5.53 and earlier is yes.  NYC has been checked out with WinZip 6.2 and higher and WinZip 7.0.

How do I cut and paste a recipe from NYC for an email or a newsgroup submittal?

No need to copy-paste anything.  Use Recipes… Recipes…, select recipe(s) to email, then press the Email/Edit toolbar button.

If you cannot get NYC’s email recipe feature to work, then the quickest way to do this is to export recipes to your text editor in Meal-MasterTM or NYC generic text format like this:

   1.  Open the recipe select window (Recipes... Recipes...) and select recipes in the list;
   2.  Press the Run Editor toolbar button (or File... Run Text Editor...).

This will bring up the recipes in the editor in the format you select.  It is then an easy matter to copy-paste them into your email client.

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