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Recipe Export Troubleshooting


When I use File… Publish Cookbook… , select a Word template, and press Publish, I get the error “At location #1  Error 430 Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface… trying to publish cookbook to MS Word”.  I am using Office 2002 on Windows Vista.

You need to uninstall then reinstall your Office software. 


When I try to move a recipe from one cookbook to another I get the message “Filemerge form load: Error opening cookbook c:\program files\Nyc537\user\name...”  I open cookbook, recipes, highlight recipe to be moved, select move, select destination cookbook and try to move; that is when the message appears.  It doesn’t happen in all cookbooks but does seem to happen to all recipes in the affected cookbook.             


You probably have a corrupted recipe or cookbook index in the affected cookbook.  Try defragging and reindexing (in that order) the affected cookbook using the defrag and reindex options in Tools… Options… Cookbooks tab.

When I export to a generic text file using "no line breaks", I still see line breaks in the file when I edit it with my word processor.   What is happening?

In v5.14 and higher, exporting to a generic text file using "no line breaks" removes extra spaces and double line feeds in the directions. So you are probably using v5.13 or earlier.

In versions prior to v5.14, the "no line breaks" option meant NYC did not add any line breaks to the file during the export.  If the file was imported with line breaks, or if you added them yourself in the NYC recipe directions, you may see line breaks in your exported file.  To remove line breaks regardless of how they got there, open the recipe in NYC's edit mode, press Directions..., and press the Format button, which removes line breaks in the NYC recipe.  Then press OK and save the recipe.  Now when you export to generic text format, the line breaks will be gone.

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