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How can I get my recipes from NYC onto my iPhone?


We suggest you export your recipes to a text file (File… Export Recipes… to text file…).  Make note of what folder you save the text file into.  Then use your iPhone’s text import capability to import the text file containing your recipes…  It appears that DataCase, FileMagnet, and Files are three iPhone apps that will do this.  Here is a review of these:


I don’t see any Move button on the recipe selection window.  Where exactly is it?


The Move button is the last button on the right end of the toolbar, just after the Email/Edit button.  Depending on your screen resolution and font settings in Windows, you may need to widen the recipe edit window.  Do this by dragging the right side of the window to the right.  This problem has been fixed in NYC version 5.68 and higher, so it should not even be an issue in later versions.


Is there any way to email a recipe from the "search results" window?


In the Search results window, select the recipes, then on the main window's toolbar (one with small buttons), press the Editor button (its icon is a notepad and pencil).  Then press the Email button in the popup window.  With NYC 5.71 and higher, there is an Email… button for this right on the search results window, so you can do a search across cookbooks, then email selected recipes directly from the search results window.


Is there any way to export a recipe to the editor from the "search results" window?


In the Search results window, select the recipes, then on the main window's toolbar (one with small buttons), press the Editor button (its icon is a notepad and pencil).  Then press the Edit button in the popup window. 


How do I get tagged recipes from all cookbooks into a new cookbook?


  1. From NYC’s main menu, select File... Export Recipes... (or press the Export toolbar button).
  2. In the popup dialog:

-     select “NYC cookbook” radio button

-     press the Export… button.

  1. On the file dialog:

-         provide a new cookbook filename for the export (one not in the list).

-         press OK.

  1. In the export window recipe list:

-         select “tagged” radio button.

-         press Search… button.

  1. In the search keywords window:

-         select “all cookbooks”.

-         leave the search keywords box blank (this will find all recipes).

-         press Search.

  1. In the search results window:

-         press Select All button.

-         press Apply button.


Now that you have tagged recipes from all cookbooks in the export queue,


      7.   Press the Export button on the export window to export the recipes in the export queue to your new cookbook.

How do I export-to-web from multiple NYC cookbooks?

Eventually we will make filling the export queue (in web exports) a task that can be performed using multiple cookbooks.  Then you will be able to export recipes from multiple cookbooks to a website, all at the same time.  You can do this now from a search across cookbooks, where you "Apply" search results to the export queue -- however, this method may not let you export all your recipes if you have a very large number (limit is around 100,000 recipes), due to queue limitations.  Here are two approaches for exporting a very large number of recipes (>100,000) to a website:


Approach 1:  Export-to-Web Each Category From Search Across Cookbooks


We recommend this approach, pioneered by Rick Hightower (NYC power-user who maintains large online recipe databases).


  1. In Tools… Options… Cookbooks… set the recipe list buffer size to 30,000.
  2. Select File… Export Recipes… to a website (check the category box).
  3. Press the Export button.  If this is your first category export, answer “Yes” to prompt for clearing the \html folder
  4. In the export window, select a category and press Search… button (this limits the search range to the selected category)
  5. In the search keywords window, select “across cookbooks” and leave the keywords textbox blank
  6. Press the Search… button on the search keywords window (search results include all recipes in the selected category across all cookbooks)
  7. In the search results window, press Select All and then Apply (this puts the selected recipes into your export queue).  Repeat for all buffers in the search list (press the + button to sequence through them)
  8. Press the Export button in the export window to export all the recipes in your export queue to HTML
  9. Clear the export queue and repeat the steps 4-9 for all the categories.  IMPORTANT:  Don’t close the export window until you are done exporting all categories, because restarting it will overwrite your category index that you are building and the new category index will only include subsequent imports, not the ones you did prior to closing the export window.


After each export, NYC will add the files to the \html folder, incrementing recipe and category file numbers (R*.htm and C*.htm) as necessary and updating the category index (index.htm).


Approach 2:  Export-to-Web Each Cookbook From Search Across Cookbooks


1.      Create different folders on your website, one for each cookbook's recipes. 

2.      Treat the cookbook names (and their folders) as MAJOR categories, and treat the categories under each cookbook as subcategories. 

3.      Use NYC to export-to-web a cookbook.

4.      Copy the \html folder results to a separate subfolder (one for each cookbook you export) of your web upload folder.  Do this BEFORE exporting the next cookbook.  This includes the index.htm, C*.htm, and R*.htm files.  These files are:

a.       index.htm  =  category list for each cookbook

b.      C*.htm     =  recipe list for each category

c.       R*.htm     =  recipe pages

5.      Repeat steps 3. and 4. for each cookbook you want on your website.

6.      Add your own front-end index to your website that provides a link to each cookbook’s folder and index.htm file (i.e., a link to the category index created by NYC for each cookbook.). 


When a website user clicks on a link to a cookbook on your front-end index, he will be taken to one of NYC’s category indexes (\subfolder\index.htm), so all links in the .htm files referenced from that point lower will work.


For a powerful example of how an enlightened NYC user applied the export-to-web feature, integrating it with their website’s search engine and category listing, see


How do I export NYC recipes from across multiple cookbooks?

Answer contributed by Dave Burnside:

1.  Select File... Export Recipes... (or click the Export Recipes toolbar button)
2.  Under "Export to:", pick the desired export format. If you want to export to a new NYC cookbook, you will be prompted to provide a cookbook name for it.
3.  Provide the filename or select the NYC cookbook to export to.  If you are exporting to an NYC cookbook, export files must be in the same directory as your NYC cookbooks or you will encounter problems.
4.  Now from the "Select recipes" window, make sure the "all recipes" is selected under "List" unless you want to limit your search something other than all recipes. Click on the "Search" button.
5.  a)  In the "Search Range" window, select "all cookbooks" under "In cookbook(s):". Under "Find recipes with:", enter the keywords to look for in the box to the right of "these keywords". To find exact sequences, enclose them in double quotes (ex. "fudge candy").
    b)  To the left of "these keywords", pick the type of match from the list displayed when you click the down-arrow. "Any" will match any keyword you entered in any recipe (ex. blueberry pie will find all recipes with either blueberry or pie in the field being searched unless blueberry pie is enclosed in double quotes.  However picking "All of" will pick all recipes containing both words in any position (ex. blueberry pie, blueberry-raspberry pie, etc.)
   c)  Under "#ingred=", leave it at "any" unless you want the search restricted to recipes with a limited number of ingredients.
   d)  Under "In recipe:", select the fields you want searched (ex. check "name" and "ingredients" to search for your keywords in both the recipe name and the ingredients list.
   e)  Check the "show parsing" box if you want to see exactly what NYC will search for.  Don't worry, you will have the opportunity to cancel and change your search if you want.
   f)  Then click the "Search" button to start the search. If you selected the "show parsing" option, a box will show you what it will look for and offer to "Continue - Yes/No" .
6.  If you get any error or message boxes, simply click OK to bypass them until you get to the "Search Results" screen listing all the matching recipes across the cookbooks.
7.  Review the results and if necessary remove unwanted recipes by selecting them and clicking the "Remove" button.
8.  Now click the "Select all" button to highlight all the recipes. Note that if you have more than 1000 recipes in the list, you only access the first 1000.  To get all recipes in the list, increase your list buffer using Tools… Options… Cookbooks… recipe list buffer.
9.  Click the "Apply" button to copy the selected recipes from the "Search results" screen to the "Export screen" list.  If you had more than 1000 recipes in your list, click the "+" to move to recipes "1001-whatever”). Repeat steps 8 & 9 as many times as required.
10.  Now "Close" the "Search Results" and "Search Range" windows.
11.  Now click on the "Export" button for NYC database export or the "Convert" button if you selected another export format. That'll export all the recipes in the list to the export database or export file.

How do I select individual recipes for exporting?

Use File... Export Recipes..., press Export, and select a target filename. Then a window will appear that allows you to select recipes, and the button to add them to the export queue. Press Export to perform the export operation.   You can also select recipes in the recipe selection window (Recipes… Recipes…) and press the Move toolbar button on that window.

If you Import from an NYC cookbook, you will see a recipe selection window appear as well. Thus, when exporting or importing from an NYC cookbook, you can select individual recipes.

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