(Who Owes Who What?)



WOWW v2.0 is a smart little program for sharing expenses among a group of people.  It is ideal for situations such as:


·        roommates sharing an apartment (e.g., rent, utilities, groceries)

·        a group sharing trip expenses (e.g., airfare, cruise fare, meals)

·        a group sharing expenses for a special project (e.g., remodeling, family reunion)


Just enter bills or expenses and who paid them, and then enter any amounts paid by any group member to another, and voila!  WOWW tells you who owes who what.  So you always know who owes who, and how much, each time a bill is paid, regardless of who paid it – all with easy-to-read payment histories.


Here is the WOWW main screen:

























Download WOWW


WOWW is only available via download.  Download and try it for 60 days free.  After that, you can purchase a registration code and enter it into the program (to shut off the usage limit), or simply uninstall WOWW from your computer.   


Just download the file using the “Download WOWW” link above.  Unzip the file  Then run the setup.woww.msi file to install WOWW on your computer.


NOTE:  WOWW requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher be installed on your computer. 


Purchase WOWW registration code


WOWW installs itself as an unregistered version that will shut down after 60 days use.  After the free trial, you will need to enter a registration code into the program to continue working with the program.


Purchase a registration code online and enter it into WOWW using the Help… Register… Reg Code button…  There are two online registration options:


Registration Option


NorthStar Product #

WOWW reg code (current version only)



WOWW reg code (with FREE upgrades)




If you order the reg code with FREE upgrades, you can unlock all future versions of WOWW (e.g., v2, v3, v4) with your reg code.  If you order the current version only, your reg code is only applicable to the latest version available at the time of your purchase and its maintenance releases.  That is, a version-only reg code for v2.0x will work with v2.00 and minor releases v2.01 through v2.09, but not with v2.10 or higher.


You can also order by mail with check (within U.S.) or international money order (outside U.S.).  To order by mail, use this form.


Tech Support


WOWW is very intuitive and straight-forward, and it installs with a complete Help file for further reference.  If you still have questions, user support is provided directly to you by the software author.  Please send email for user support to if you have questions/comments on this software.


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