September 2000

Price and Aisle Data Shortcuts

What is the easiest way to enter aisles and price data?

In v5.18 and higher, you can now copy-paste into grid cells of the aisle list.  This lets you repeat aisle designations without having to retype them.

But here is the easiest way to enter price and aisle data en masse into NYC.  Put your price and aisle information into a comma-delimited text file with character strings enclosed in quotes.  The example file myprice.txt from your NYC \user folder is shown below with notes on the entries.

3,4,"K-Mart","Food Mart","Piggly Wiggly","7-Eleven"  (#items, #stores, storenames by store)
"apples","lb",0.15,2.15,4.38,0.79,"produce","fruits","1","1"  (item, unit, price by store, aisle by store)
"tomato soup","can (16 oz)",0.45,0.39,0.59,0.89,"can goods","3","3","1"
"oranges","bag (5 lb)",3.45,2.39,1.59,4.89,"produce","fruits","1","1"

Then import your text file price list into NYC as a new price/aisle list (Tools... Data Mgmt... Import Price list from text file).

To open and edit this new list, you must have multiple price list management checked (Tools... Options... Costing... multiple price list management) and your newly imported price list (name.pls) as the Startup Price List.  Then open the price list editor (Shopping... Prices...), select File... Open Price List... from the main menu, then select the price/aisle list you created with your import.  After this, when you use the aisle list editor you will be using your new list.

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