October 1998

Transferring NYC cookbooks to a new computer using floppies

If you have no backup medium except floppy disks, and you want to transfer a large cookbook onto a new computer but find it too large for a floppy, try this.  Break your large cookbook into temporary smaller cookbooks that will fit on a floppy.  First create several new cookbooks (File...New Cookbook...) and import about 400 recipes from your large cookbook into each small cookbook.  Zip each small cookbook using File... Zip Cookbook... and use Explorer to copy the .zip file for each small cookbook onto one or more floppies.  Copy the .zip file(s) from each floppy to the NYC \user directory on your new computer and unzip them.  Then use NYC to open one of the small cookbooks you just imported and import all the others into it.  You have now restored the original cookbook on your new computer.

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