May 1999

Upgrading from a Prior Version of NYC

 If you are a registered user of NYC, and you want to upgrade to the latest version:

 1.  Download the latest version from our website (
 2.  Install it into a different folder than your prior version (use the default folder in most cases).
 3.  Run the new version and use File... Upgrade... to bring over/upgrade user files from your prior version.
 4.  After a few weeks, when you are comfortable you have all your user files, you can remove the old version.  To uninstall your prior version of NYC, run (cbl-click) the "unwise.exe" in its folder to uninstall it.

If you are upgrading from v4.x to v5.x, you will not be able to bring over your v4 registration info.  Registered users should request an upgraded registration code from (provide your name and registration number to receive your upgraded code).
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