May-August 2015


Search By Multiple Categories


Most NYC users know that you can search within a category across cookbooks by starting the search from the recipe list with a category selected.
However, many users don’t realize that you can select multiple categories to only find recipes that are assigned to ALL of the categories selected.

For example, let’s say you want to find a German side dish that uses sausage.  Pretend you have categories for “German”, “side dishes” and “sausage”.   

1.  In the recipe list (Recipes… Recipes…), multi-select the 3 categories (select one and cntl-click the other two), and press the Search button.
2.  In the popup window, select “across cookbooks”, leave the search keywords textbox empty (this finds all recipes in the search range), and press Search.

Of course, finding recipes that have been assigned to ALL 3 categories is a long shot unless you have tens of thousands of recipes across your cookbooks.

But it’s a powerful feature if you have lots of recipes. 

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