May-August 2013


Word-Wrapping Control for Recipes


During Recipe Export


Sometimes when you export a recipe to a text file, you want it to word-wrap (use the full width) in the text editor or word processor software that you will use to open the file.  For this, you need to export the recipe(s) with “no line breaks”.   This option removes line breaks from the directions portion of the recipe, so the lines fill the editor window software used subsequently.  The “no line breaks” option appears in two places:


  1)  On the export format window (File… Export Recipes…) for the generic text formatting option - see the “no line breaks” checkbox. 

  2)  On the Email/Edit window when you click the Email/Edit toolbar button on the recipe selection window (Recipes… Recipes...)


You must use the generic text export option to be able to specify “no line breaks”.


During Recipe Printing


During printing, you control word-wrapping on the printed page by setting the right margin in File… Print Setup… 


During Recipe Editing


In the recipe edit window, use the Format button at the bottom of the Directions pane.


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