June 2001

Restoring NYC After a Hard Drive Crash

A hard drive failure is not one of those things that happens often, but just about everyone has to deal with it eventually.  After restoring your operating system, you will normally need to reinstall all your software and recover your user files from your latest backup.  The process will vary from one software application to another, but here is the procedure we suggest for best results with NYC.

1.      Copy the entire NYC folder from your backup to your PC.  If your backup medium is a CD, make sure none of the files in your NYC \user folder is marked “read-only”.  If any are read-only, right-click the file in File Explorer, Properties, and uncheck the read-only property.  If you don't do this, you will likely get an Error 75 (ready only file) when NYC tries to use and modify the file.  If you are familiar with DOS, you can use DOS set the attributes of several files at once.

2.      Download and install the latest version of NYC from http://www.ffts.com/download.htm .  Make sure you install NYC in a DIFFERENT folder from the previous version.

3.      Run the latest version (from the Start Menu) and use File... Upgrade... to bring over/upgrade user files from your previous version, including your registration information and cookbooks.  IMPORTANT:  Don’t simply copy your NYC \user folder from an old version to a new version, or you will likely get an Error 62 (end of file errors) when you use those files.  Always use the File… Upgrade… process to make sure user files are upgraded to the file requirements of  the later version.

4.      You may find that after the upgrade NYC won’t work with your registration information if it is out of date – if so, and yours is a lifetime registration, request an upgraded registration code from sales@ffts.com .

After a couple weeks, when you are sure you have all your user files, you can delete the old NYC folder that you copied from the backup. 

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