July 1999

Specifying Recipe Ingredient Units for Nutrition Analysis

QUESTION:  I have a recipe that calls for 1 large egg.  I've entered onto the ingredient list as
    1    each     egg, large
and linked it to a raw fresh egg in the nutrition database.  However, it is listed as an omission when I perform a nutritional analysis.  What am I doing wrong?

ANSWER:  NYC has no conversion for the unit "each".  Select "egg,whole,raw,fresh" in NYC's nutrition database and study the units on file for it and use one of them (i.e., use "g", "cup", or "extra large").

So these should work:
qty      unit                      description
1         extra large            egg
1/5      cup                      egg

However, for easiest use of NYC nutrition with ambiguous units like "each", "whole", "large", etc., get into the habit of appending a weight or mass onto your generic unit using parentheses, like this:

qty      unit                      description
1         large (6 oz)           egg
1         clove (0.2 oz)        garlic

rather than just using "large" or "clove".  This removes the ambiguity of these vague units, allowing NYC to detect the mass unit and use it to do the analysis accurately.  Use of mass (g, kg) or weight (oz, lb) units is recommended with NYC, because ALL of the USDA nutrition entries use mass units.  NYC will always be able to convert such units in the nutrition analysis.
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