July 2008


NYC Keyboard Shortcuts


When entering data or otherwise using NYC, many users like to invoke keyboard shortcuts to avoid removing their hands from the keyboard while working.  NYC keyboard shortcuts exist in many places.  The following describes in general these keyboard shortcuts.


Menu Shortcuts


Menu shortcut key combinations appear in every menu droplist.  For example, under the Recipes… menu selection, you see that the recipe selection window (Recipes…) can be opened with Cntl-R, and the Screen Import window (Screen Import…) can be opened with Cntl-T, whenever you see the main menu (File  Edit View etc).




Hotkeys are represented by an underlined letter on a command button or other control.  Using Alt key with the underlined letter presses the button (or activates the control).  Hotkeys are found on many buttons throughout NYC.  For example, with the About window showing, Alt-O presses the OK button which closes the About window.


Default Buttons


A default button is one that is outlined in black.  When you press the Enter key, the default button is pressed.  Default buttons are found on most NYC windows.  For example, in the recipe edit window, after you enter an ingredient, the Add button has the outline designating it as the default button, so pressing Enter pushes the Add button, adding the new ingredient to the list of ingredient.




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