July 2001

Installing External Applications

NYC lets you to specify external applications for certain routine tasks, to avoid bloat and redundancy.  External apps include zip utility, text editor, browser, and image editor.  If you intend to use them, external apps must be specified in NYC using Tools… Options… External Applications…  Here are the external applications that work well with NYC, along with tips about their installation and use.


Zip Utility
With NYC v5.34 and higher, NYC now includes InfoZip’s zip/unzip utility as its on-board default.  Thus, NYC’s cookbook zip feature (File… Zip Cookbook…) will zip up your cookbooks without you having to specify a default zip utility.  You can, however, specify certain zip utilities as your default.  PKZip 4 (command line) and 2.5 (command line) versions also work well with NYC.  You should not use the old 16-bit pkzip utilities because they do not handle long filenames. WinZip 6.2+ is the cutest utility and it works fine with NYC, but the shareware version requires extra button pushes to close the registration nag window each time you use it. 


Our recommendation:   NYC’s default (InfoZip).


Text Editor
PFE (freeware), TextPad (shareware), and UltraEdit (shareware) are good choices, but PFE is no longer supported by its author.  UltraEdit includes a powerful column replace feature.  NotePad is okay, but it lacks a search-replace feature.  WordPad will work but you must remember to save your file as a text file when you are done. 


Our recommendation:   UltraEdit 8+.


Web Browser
Netscape 4+ or MS Internet Explorer 4+ is recommended.  In some incarnations, these browsers assume a download folder, rather than forcing you to specify, so to direct the download to a certain folder, right-click on the file link, then select “Save File As” or “Save file to disk” option to specify a file path for the download.
This is important if you use NYC’s Quick Web Recipes feature, because you must be sure to specify your NYC \temp folder as the download location.


Our recommendation:   Netscape 4+ or IE 4+.


Image Editor
We have only tested NYC with Paint Shop Pro by JASC.  Others may work, such as MS Image Editor, but we have not tested them.


Our recommendation:   Paint Shop Pro 4+.

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