January 1999

Avoiding Failed Imports of Meal-Master Recipes

When you import recipes into NYC, always use the Details... button on the import status window to determine the reason for
any imports that failed.  From this same window you can also quickly edit a text file containing only those recipes that failed, so
that you can touch them up and reimport.

When a MM recipe fails to import into NYC, it is usually because one or more of its ingredients exceeded NYC's 35 character
limit on ingredient descriptions.  Keeping the ingredient description short is a key to successful importing.

Often an ingredient is too lengthy because the author of the recipe put preparation-type adjectives in front of the ingredients
or used commas to separate an ingredient description from its preparations.  For example, some ingredient descriptions
look like:

"peeled, sliced, potatoes"  -OR-  "potatoes, peeled and sliced"

which creates unnecessarily long ingredient descriptions when imported into NYC.  The format that NYC expects, is:

"potatoes; peeled and sliced"

When NYC sees the semi-colon in this imported ingredient, it treats  "potatoes" as the ingredient and "peeled and sliced" as
the preparation.  A similar situation often occurs when a MM ingredient appears when "3 large potatoes" is formatted as

qty     unit       description
3                     large potatoes

In this situation, it is more appropriate to format "large" as a unit of measure, rather than an adjective on the ingredient, as shown

qty     unit       description
3        large    potatoes

In this way, the imported ingredient description is kept to a minimum by proper use of the unit and preparation fields.

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