February 2000

How to Email a Recipe from NYC

Here is the quickest and easiest way to export recipes in a popular format common text format (Meal-Master, NYC Generic)  for email exchange or newsgroup posting.

 1.  Select recipe(s) in any of the following recipe lists:
   --recipe selection window (Recipes... Recipes...)
   --edit menu window (Menu... Plan...)
   --print recipe window (File... Print... recipes...)
   --search results window (Recipes... Recipes... Search button... Search)
   --categorize recipes window (Recipes... Categorize Recipes...)
 2.  Press the Text Editor toolbar button (use either MM or NYC generic format).
 3.  Copy-paste (select text, then Cntl-C, click paste location, then Cntl-V) the recipes from the editor to your target document.

Here is another way to email a recipe:

 1.  Open the recipe in view mode (not edit mode).
 2.  Select all lines of the recipe (drag your mouse across all lines).
 3.  Press Cntl-C to copy the lines to the clipboard.
 4.  Open your email client's new message window.
 5.  Press Cntl-V to paste the recipe.
 6.  Press your email client's Send button.

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