December 1999

Upgrading to a New Version of NYC

Perhaps you have downloaded the latest v5.xx and tried to upgrade from your previous version and have forgotten the steps.

You should always install new versions of NYC into the setup's default folder, which is a new folder each time.  Then run the new version and use File... Upgrade... to bring over/upgrade user files (including your cookbooks and reg info) from your previous version.  Dbl-click in the directory listbox until your previous version's path appears in the blue text box just above.  Then press Proceed.

You should never just copy over an old copy of your NYC \user folder.  Certain files need upgrading with each new version, and you will cause problems if you bypass the File... Upgrade... procedure.

Whenever you upgrade, recognize that if an incoming cookbook has the same name as one in your new NYC folder (e.g., RECIPES), the incoming cookbook will be slightly renamed by adding a number at the end.

After a few weeks when you are satisfied that you have all your files from your previous installation, you can uninstall the previous version by dbl-clicking the file "unwise.exe"  in your previous version's folder.
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