December 1998

Checking For Duplicate Recipes With NYC

1.  Kill Dupes button on the recipe selection window (Recipes... Recipes...).

Finds duplicate recipes within your open cookbook.  You have the option to use a) recipe name; or b) recipe name,  #ingredients, and #lines of directions for the dupe check.   Duplicate recipes are deleted from the cookbook.

2.  Kill Dupes Across Cookbooks button in the Tools (Options... Tools... Cookbooks tab).

Finds duplicate recipes across all cookbooks in the same directory as your open cookbook.  You have the same options as above.   Duplicates within each cookbook are deleted first, then duplicates found in different cookbooks are deleted from the larger of the two cookbooks.

3.  Importing recipes (File... Import Recipes...).

Only recipe names are compared during this dupe checking, to avoid a huge penalty in import performance that would occur if more detailed dupe checking were combined with importing.

1.  If you want the fastest importing you can get, combined with the most rigorous dupe checking, select the FAST! (no dupe checking) option button on the Import window before you press the Import button.  Then, after importing is complete, check for duplicates within your cookbook using the Kill Dupes button (detailed check) on the recipe selection window.
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