August 1998

Index recipes in your hardcopy cookbooks with NYC

Want to use NYC to index your favorite hardbound recipes, without entering them into NYC?  There are many different ways to do this with NYC, but here is our suggestion.  Create a new category named "hardcopy index" (use Recipes... Cookbook Categories...).  Open a new recipe (Recipes... Recipes... New button).  Name the recipe as it is named in your hardcover cookbook, then type the source cookbook name and the recipe's page number in the "Contributor" field.  Press the Categories... button and select the "hardcopy index" category for the recipe, and any other categories you wish.  Save the "recipe".  Repeat for all your favorite recipes in those legacy cookbooks, and you now have a highly useful index.  Use NYC's search feature to find all your favorite recipes by cookbook name (search for cookbook name with the contributor box checked in the search dialog box), or browse for recipes in the "hardcopy index" category.

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