August 2005


Using Screen Import More Effectively


Here are some tips for using NYC Screen Import more effectively:

If you copy-paste a lot of rich text from websites into the Screen Import area, you may introduce hidden characters that cause trouble in the import routine.  In such cases you should paste into Notepad first, then copy paste from there to the Screen Import area.  If your recipe lines begin with < or other characters, remove them before importing.

To import more quickly, you can quickly touch up a recipe that you pasted into the Screen Import area into NYC generic text format.  Prior to pasting your recipe into the Screen Import area, press the button “NYC generic text format (sample)” button to see this simple format.  It requires “@@@@@” above each recipe title and it requires blank lines between the components of the recipe (title, categories, ingredients, directions).  Check the format using the “Test” button.   Press Import once you know the recipe is in the proper format.  This method eliminates the need to select and identify each recipe component.

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