August 2000

Search and Move Operations

"Search and move" recipe operations are very convenient for finding recipes with certain characteristics and moving them into a cookbook of their own.  Search and move means finding recipes, exporting them to the cookbook where you want them, and removing them from where they were.  When managing numerous large cookbooks, the search and move is an essential activity.  Here are two ways to accomplish a "search and move" with NYC:

Clear all tagged recipes using Tools... Data Management... Cookbooks... Untag Recipes button.

Using the Move Button (export from open cookbook):

 1.  Open the recipe selection window (Recipes... Recipes...) and perform a search.
 2.  In the search results, press the Select All and Tag buttons.
 3.  Close the search windows.
 4.  In the recipe selection window, select "tagged recipes" and Select All.
 5.  Press the Move button and provide a target cookbook.
 6.  Answer yes to the delete confirmation after the move.

Using the Export Window (export from several cookbooks at once):

 1.  Open the recipe export window (File... Export Recipes...) and perform a search across cookbooks.
 2.  In the search results, Select All, press Tag, and press Apply to add the recipes to the export queue.
 3.  Close the search windows.
 4.  In the recipe export window, press the Export button.
 5.  After the export, close the export window.
 6.  Open the recipe selection window, select "tagged recipes" and Select All.
 7.  Press the Delete button and answer yes to the delete confirmation.

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