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 “I've been looking for a good cookbook program to replace my Mastercook 11 which won't load on this new high end Windows 10 Dell laptop.  So....I downloaded your program last night to see if I could transfer the recipes from my Fahmy cookbook to your program.  Worked great!  As soon as that was complete, it didn't take more than 15 minutes of playing with your program to determine that I was going to buy it.  Very nice program.  Easy on the eyes, lightning fast, simple to use without the unnecessary fluff of other more expensive programs.  Does exactly what I need!”

Fred Fahmy, 14-Jan-18


“I just wanted to write and tell you what a great job you are doing with the Now You're Cooking software.  For many years I used Key Home Gourmet (KHG) but when Windows 10 came out I found out the hard-way that it would not run my KHG software.  I was really worried about this since I had over 400 recipes that I had worked with for years.  Fortunately, I came across NYC.  Anyway I really appreciate the work you are doing and how your software saved all of my recipes.  I would also say I am impressed with the features you have in the program that were not in KHG such as the little red arrows for rearranging the ingredient list and the ease for adding and removing categories.  NYC is indeed an elegant package of software.”

Sam Morgan, 28-Nov-16


“I LOVE THE NEW PHOTO IMPORT utility in the Screen Import window. What a time saver.  I also love the Find and Replace in the Screen Import window. I used to have to copy the recipe to a second text editor first and then to the import window, especially if it was a long one.  tsp, tbsp, ;, and a few others always make editing recipes boring.”

Rod Prather, 25-Feb-15


"Not that I am slow or anything, but I just got around to installing this version.  WOW!  That Auto-Menu feature is great!  A real boon for a woman who can’t seem to think past the main dish.  I will use this a lot – thanks a bunch!"

Val Cassenti. 19-Mar-14


"Thank you so VERY much for the help this morning.  This is the second time I have needed to call you since 1999 and you have helped immensely both time.  Words cannot express the gratitude.  In today's world of customer service, it is incredibly refreshing to talk to someone that is calm, EASY to understand, and has the patience of a saint and follows the problem all the way through (even when it looks like there isn't much of a solution because of what the user did).  The installation and upgrade to v5.9 went very well and both appear to be working well at this point.   I sincerely wish there was something I could do to return the favor.  As I said, I have been an EXTREMELY satisfied customer since 1999 and have extolled the virtues of NYC to anyone wanting/needing a very functional recipe program.  Once again, THANK YOU, and I sincerely wish there was something I could do to repay."

Norm Clark, 2-Dec-2013

“I just wanted to say that I've been using your Now You're Cooking software since probably around the late 90's or early 2000's, and I've always loved it. However, today I spent a little time changing and re-assigning some categories, and now I REALLY appreciate the power of this program!!!  The way I can make changes to categories and apply them across ALL my cookbooks, automatically re-assigning to new, and deleting old categories is absolutely wonderful.  Thank you for such an amazingly well-written and useful piece of software!”

Carl Miller, 7-July-2013


“I LOVE my software!!!!  I've been using it for over 6 years now to plan my monthly menus & groceries.  I've recommended it to oodles of people and continue to share with others this wonderful software.”

Kristy Pavelka, 26-Mar-2012


“…While I am thanking you, I really want to add that I just love the program.  I read the user comments regularly and must admit I just don't seem to have any of the problems that I see people write in about.  Speaking as a retired (forced retire as I am disabled) computer consultant I must give Gary his just due for being so good with dealing with any complaints or issues people have. He is so diplomatic and so right to the point in his answers. Well done. Well done on the program and since we now have a laptop for my wife to use she is learning the joys of  NYC and is going to transfer all her handwritten recipes into it. Thanks again for the registration code and thanks again for the excellent program and customer service.

Ron Arnold, 10-Feb-2012


“Over my years of using your program, I have not found any of my friends using recipe software that are as happy with their program as I am with NYC.  My husband found it originally and he could not have done better. I don't use nearly all the features of the program but entering, retrieving, editing and finding my recipes is so convenient with NYC.  I appreciate the work that still goes into improvements and changes. You guys are the best.”

Pegge Tholen, 25-Jan-2010


“I recently published two cookbooks using your wonderful software.  One of them was just for my daughter and I was able to give her all the favorite recipes she grew up with, new ones that I love, and loving notes about all.  She was in tears.  Both she and I owe you thanks.  The more I use your program, the more impressed I am.  I don't know what I did before I found it.  Scaling recipes, printing shopping lists, e-mailing special finds to friends is just a joy ... and a one click wonder.  Thanks again for such a great product.”

Stephanie Koppenhafer, 19-Sep-2009


“I can't tell you how much I appreciated the amazing support you gave me when I needed assistance.  Your program is just what I needed; your support is more than I could have hoped for.  I have always believed that taking care of a business will result in its taking care of you.  If that is the case, you should be well taken care of.  Thanks again.” 

Stephanie Koppenhafer, 24-July-2009


“Whelp!!  I've been a busy beaver this week.  As many of you know, I love cooking, and collecting cook books.  One of the things that drives me nuts, though, is it's hard to remember what cookbook what recipe was in.  I'm crazy about tools that give me power over tasks...........soooooooooooo.............I went looking for a recipe program that would allow me to manage a large number of recipes, be extremely stable, use little overhead resources on my computer, and be FAST!  Additionally, it was very important to me to be able to copy recipes from various sources like the internet, email groups, individual emails, word files, etc.  Having such a program would give me access to a huge store of recipes, and allow me to exchange recipes with friends and family too!  


I evaluated a half dozen programs, actually installing them on my computer and then working with them.  I also asked on several of the email recipe forums I belong to what recommendations people had - based on responses I added still another program to the testing regimen.  The struggle was to find a program with a high degree of power, yet a relatively fast learning curve - a program that didn't require a PHD to operate <G>.  After testing, I picked a program called Now You're Cooking!  


When I test programs, I also like to talk to the developer to see how the program is supported, and to determine a little of the history of the program.  I didn't want to invest a great deal of time building a library of recipes to find the developer abandoned the program.  I looked at recipe programs several years ago and most of them don't exist today.  I've spoken with the developer several times this week.  His name is Gary and he's truly helpful.  Each time I've called, he's answered the phone himself and been extremely helpful.  He started developing the program in the 90's and it's now a mature program, though he still updates it regularly to make improvements.  His wife handles the registrations so it's a family business - I like that!


To me, the biggest deterrent to using a computer based program is the time it takes to get recipes loaded in the program.  I'd rather be playing golf, shooting, working in the shop, or taking pictures!  What really impressed me was the ease with which I can copy or import recipes in the program.  This program allowed me to create or copy recipes easier than any other I tried.  It's hard to explain the difference, but Gary developed a truly simple method for inputting recipes, and he also developed a really cool import system to download and install thousands of recipes right from his site.  Importing recipes/cookbooks from other programs is a snap too.  To give you an example, I imported the entire MasterCook program (30 cookbooks and 8000+ recipes) in about 20 minutes.


I've imported 56 cookbooks and set up one of my own for Bob's Favorites for a total of 57 cookbooks.  I've imported a grand total of 297,927 recipes in the program so far...........you read it right, 297,927!!  As one of the performance measurements, I did a search using the word Banana (title or ingredient) and got over four thousand recipes <laugh>  Even with the huge number of recipes I have, it takes less than 11 seconds to search for a word in the titles.  To search both the title and the ingredients it took less than 1 minute, 27 seconds!!  I've tested this program, beat it, loaded it to the max and it hasn't skipped a beat - it's rock solid.  There's so much more in this program, there's simply not enough room here to tell you all about the features.


If you have an interest in managing recipes on your computer, give a look at this program, I highly recommend it.  I like it so much, I bought the program to give to my daughters so we could share easily.  Anyone interested in sharing recipes?”

Robert Otto (“Keyboard Cowboy”), 9-Jan-2009


“I can't thank you enough for helping me to restore my cookbooks... some of the recipes were priceless to me!  My dad purchased me this software, as we both shared a love of cooking.  Many of the recipes I had stored in this program were not replaceable, as they were some of his originals, and he recently passed away.  I so appreciate your help today! Thanks again for your outstanding customer service and for making my day!”

Tracy Schabert, 6-Jan-2009


“Thank you for your prompt assistance. You can be sure that I have been, and will continue, to recommend your software to everyone I know; especially, now that I can attest to your excellent customer service.  Kudos to you.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.”

Andy Arant, 6-May-2008


“You need to know your software is incredible!  I have spent the last week fighting with the evil Vista, attempting to make various software packages function with a new OS.  I have business software that we have spent hundreds of $$$ for - but now it isn't supported in Vista, and of course it won't run...  Today, I got around to some of the personal software - my recipe database, NYC, in the stack.  I was d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g the usual issues.  I've been using an external drive to transfer most of my data over, but that doesn't do any good, of course, if it won't run in Vista.  What a surprise!  I downloaded the latest version, and then brought in all my old cookbooks off the external drive.  It works flawlessly!!!!  Thanks for a great program I can always count on.”

Jeanne Phillips, 28-Sep-2007


“…NYC is one of the most used software on my machines.  It stores more than 500,000 recipes and kitchen methods.  It  replaced commercial kitchen recipe databases costing many times more which were never updated.  In all these years through so many updates NYC has never crashed, frozen, or lost data and I don't even know how to use all of it's potential.  Thats quite a lot for any program.”

James W. Buel, CFE, Executive Chef, 26-Aug-2007


“…I really like your program  I think I have been with you since you started.  I have gone thru a lot of different "Good" changes.  Thanks for your patience with me.  A true fan of NYC!!”

Rich Roney, 20-May-2007


“I bought your first software years ago. Don't remember if it was a lifetime thing or not...  No matter, if you come out with a version 6, gladly pay for it again..  Most things in the past that I've bought, thought money was enough payment for it. In your case, no..  So a big thank you!!  I'm 70 plus years old.....don't wait too long fer version 6!!..”

Jim Kilgore, 21-Apr-2007


“Thank you for your most prompt reply.  I now can access all my favorite Easter recipes and be ready for dinner!   NYC is THE BEST program available and I have tried them all, starting in the early 70’s with A>Cook.  I have 2,734 recipes in mine, all created, tried or tested before entry.  Thank you for enhancing my culinary passion with this wonderful program.”

Betty Ruth Speir, 8-Apr-2007


“I'm simply astounded at the quick response time to my query.  If only other software/hardware providers were this good!!  Thanks again.”

Karen Peters, 29-Mar-2007


“Thanks for a great product and great support.  I've recommended NYC to friends and family.”

Carole Carlson, 14-Feb-2007


“Until tonight I was searching for a recipe card template compatible with MS Word for the family recipes cookbook I am trying to create for my daughter.  After discovering the Publish to word feature of this program my search is over.  All I have to do now is import the recipes and categorize them, then the rest is done for me….  I am glad I purchased this recipe database program.  It has simplified my job for importing, exporting, emailing, and ensuring that I capture the duplicate recipes.”

Eleanor Creighton, 14-Jan-2007


“I've had this software like 1.5 yrs now and don't know how I went without it.  I love it, and the fact you continue to improve and add features.  Keep up the good work and I hope you're here for a long long time.  I recommend NYC to everyone I know that wants a good computer cookbook and storage place!”

Trudy, 2-Jan-2007


“I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how easy it was (once again!) to do the upgrade to my Now You're Cooking software.   If only Microsoft could be so diligent with their clients.”
Kim Guay, 19-Dec-2006

“…I've used NYC almost from the beginning, and continue to love it!”
Cindi Dixon, 19-Dec-2006


“Love the new upgrade; specially the ability to print a cookbook to MS Word.  Also I want to thank you for ALL the FREE upgrades that you have provided since I first bought your excellent program on Sept. 1999.  There are VERY FEW software vendors that will provide free upgrades.  I highly recommend your software and upgrade policy to anyone who is thinking about buying a comprehensive recipe program.  I’m a very satisfied customer since 1999.”

Gerard Gagnon, 18-Dec-2006.


“I want to write to you because I have been looking for years for a program that will allow me to store my recipes.  I have tried 2 other programs.  One was cumbersome and hard to use.  The other had so many limitations that I finally just kept my recipes in a word doc.  Then looking through the Internet, I found NYC.  I am O.K. with computers, not a wizard by any means.  This program is very easy to use and allows me to do all that I need.  The format for printing is excellent.  I love that I can add the ingredients with such ease, import recipes, upload pictures and cut and paste rapidly.  Thank you for developing this superior program.  Eventually, my dream of publishing my cookbook for my family will be because of NYC.” 

Zina Lichaa, 21-Jul-2006


“I want to thank you for your amazing response and help to me in making sure I didn't lose my treasured recipes during the course of upgrading my computer.  It is so refreshing....and unusual...to have prompt, knowledgeable assistance and in an understandable accent!  And to think that you even sent a follow-up email with additional information.  Wow!”

Virginia Hargarten, 17-Jun-2006


“…BTW the software is really great.  I have tossed every other recipe software I purchased.  And I purchased all of them.  NYC hits the spot.”

Mike Gerber, 4-Jan-2006



“The best just keeps on getting better.  I enjoy the program and have several neighbors who ask if I have instructions for some dishes.  I find the Diabetic section great and would like to see more in that category.  With the advent of Splenda some old time goodies can be cooked up.” 

Rev. David Wigley, 21-Nov-2005


“Over the past several years I have enjoyed using the program… Thank you for a very special program.  Keep up the good work.”

Art Winkler, 4-Sep-2005


“This is the best program on the planet.  I have used several cooking software programs and have found nothing that I like more than this.  It is easy to use, navigate, etc. You just keep improving a great thing!  This software has made my life so much simpler.  Importing recipes is a breeze and finding recipes even easier.”

Molly Garza, 1-Sep-2005


“I have been lost with out NYC on my computer.  I no longer cook for a living, but I do scale my recipes to fit my home / party needs.  Your program is by far the best I have found.  Again thanks for the support.”

Dennis Underwood, 28-Mar-2005



“When I get excellent service from a company, I most always "report the employee" to their boss.  (I do the same when the service is sorry.)  I was going to pass along what a devoted, informed "employee" you were, but since you are the boss, I am going to wish your business to be a prosperous and thriving one in the upcoming year, (because of your prompt and informative attention you always give your customers).  Merry Christmas.”

Shary Gard, 25-Dec-2004


“A super program which is well maintained and supported.”

John Sheward, 24-Jun-2004


“Thank you for such a great product ... I use it all the time, and appreciate your continued "tweaking" and updates.”

Kilty Spoke, 12-Apr-2004


“I just had to tell you: I installed the new version of NYC last night--my first upgrade since 5.47. I love the new screen import utility. What a joy!  Thanks for adding such an efficient and useful feature.”
Susan Mitchell Crawley, 2-Apr-2004


“I am in my final term of a three year Commercial Cookery course.  This final section requires us to prepare a 3 choice, 3 course menu for about 50 covers.  We have to find the recipes, cost them, present a 10 serve standard recipe and compile a shopping list for the night.  I have been using NYC for the past six months and just want to let you know that without this software I would have struggled to meet the requirements.  I use the program for my course assignments and also to plan lunches and dinners at home.  Thank you for an excellent program and I hope it will be around for years to come.”
Tony de Bont, 3-Mar-2004


“I'd like to commend you on a fantastic product. Although I purchased the product a couple years ago, I've just really been starting to use it within the last few months and the more I use it, the more I like it.  You really have created a unique product that is incredibly useful in overall meal planning.”

Bill Moore, 1-12-2004



“I love the program…  Do not know what I would do without it!!  I even bought, as you know, an autographed copy for my younger son who just moved to MN recently, so he can keep up with his recipes and find new stuff to cook for himself and his girlfriend!  You know, I have even been known to talk someone in a store (more than once through the years), such as at the software department of Sam's Club, out of buying cooking software they had in their hand, and writing down for them the name of NYC, so they could go home and find it!  I am sure Sam's would not be happy, but if they all come back and buy their ingredients there, I guess they would forgive me!   …After all the trials with other programs (either deleted and tossed or returned), I finally found NYC and have been a happy camper ever since.  Thanks Gary, may you and your family have a wonderful holiday season, as blessed as we are for the "gift" of NYC!  Don't know what I would be doing without it, slogging along with another program, or using pen and pencil and my printer to get recipes.  Just last night, as I was looking over some NYC files I downloaded from file section, I discovered a new use for NYC in that the author of the particular file I had d/loaded was putting things such as crochet patterns, and craft ideas related to Christmas together in a NYC file!!  Great idea! I can think of other things I can do with it, now that she/he gave me the idea!”
Velda Solomon, 13-Dec-2003


“Thanks again for everything you and your crew do.  Don't think I could function without NYC – it is the best cooking software on the market.”

Sherry Dykes, 13-Oct-2003


“I have found NYC so easy to use and have never found one I like better!  Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service!”

Gwen Milledge, 23-Sep-2003


“I write you from Spain, to thank you for such a magnificent program and to have included the email send option. The truth is that I enjoy and use this program a lot to file recipes – I find it so comfortable and versatile that I could no longer do without it.  Again my gratefulness for all your work and the special attention that you have given all of us.” 
Esther Valencia, 24-Aug-2003


“Compared to other programs that I have seen and used, yours is by far the most feature-rich and user-friendly I have found… Thanks for being so responsive to our comments, Gary... I appreciate your thorough approach to the modifications that you make, and the quick response to problems that have arisen.”

Rod Schrivener, 15-Aug-2003


“Just a quick note of thanks for the superior support provided by NYC.  I sent a note regarding NYC update to another computer using Windows XP, the very next morning there was the response with instructions.  It took all of 2 minutes to fix the problem.  I wish all companies had a support team with the response and dedication of NYC.”

Tom Toombs, 29-Jun-2003


“I use your NYC regularly and forget to say thank you for a wonderful program.  I've used it for years and I get lulled into complacency by its ease of use.  So, a hearty THANK YOU for developing such a little jewel!”

Pat Mitchell, 15-Jan-2003


“I certainly am impressed with your software and truly it keeps getting better.“

Sharon Murray, 2-Jan-2003



“Thank you for all the support that you have provided from day one.  Because of your support over the years we use shareware and if it is something that we will use we will pay. We have never been disappointed with your program or your company.  We wish you continued success in your endeavors.”

Bill and Sharon Fuller, 17-Oct-2002


“I'd like to respond to why I purchased NYC. First of all, I always look first for software that I can download a demo of.  I am so grateful to companies that give you a chance to find out if the software is right for your needs. I likely would buy much less software without this opportunity.  In fact, I very likely would not have purchased NYC without having found it when I searched for demos of recipe software. Of the several I downloaded, I found NYC the most user-friendly and had the most options, especially for the price. Also, I LOVE the Screen Import feature.  I had an old version of Master Cook (Cooking Light) that couldn't be recognized by NYC for import. I eventually figured out a way to "trick" NYC to importing them, but until then the Screen Import feature was a lifesaver.  I have literally over 300 recipes I imported and have more to go, so this time saver was truly invaluable.  I'm very pleased with my software so far. Thank you again for offering the demo -- it honestly is worth it to both your customers and for potential sales.”

Tami McKay, 19-Jul-2002


“I just switched to NYC from Mastercook because I have a new computer and MC doesn't support Windows XP.  I am very happy so far with the change.  NYC is a bit easier to manipulate... I also tried Cookbook Wizard and was not thrilled with that program.  I will be formally registering with NYC.  It is nice that you allow 60-day trial periods!” 

Cathy McLin, 16-Jul-2002


“I bought the NYC software based on customer service reports and I am glad I did. You rate an A in customer service and that is the number one reason to buy it.  I haven't been using it long enough yet but I love the screen import feature - very clever.  Many thanks.”

Elizabeth C Smyth, 18-Jun-2002   


“I liked that I could put pictures into the recipe pages.  I also liked the format and the way that you enter the recipes.  Another BIG plus was the ease of use and the great explanations in the "help" section. Additionally, importing and exporting recipes in various formats into a single format is fantastic. I love that I can download something off the food network website, or other sources, and have it put into the NYC format in seconds. Great all around program, and believe me, I looked at many on the internet before deciding to download yours.”

Gary Haught, 17-Jun-2002


“I was sold on NYC because:

  1. It is windows friendly and user friendly.
  2. It is easy to go from one cookbook to another.
  3. It has nutritional information.
  4. It is possible to put photographs in the recipes.

5.      It is possible to put information like whose recipe it is. 

6.      It is easy to resize.

I am putting together a recipe book right now of recipes that go back 150 years or more.  I like being able input and print information about tracing the recipe to my Great, Great, Great Grandmother. Before purchasing this software I downloaded and tried out SEVERAL different kinds.  This one is the best!  It is sophisticated, professional, and extremely easy to use.  It is also easy to get support if needed.”

Lisa England, 18-Feb-2002


“Well... I have to tell you that NYC is not just for edible cooking recipes! I have entered craft recipes as well, with good results. I am also a Certified Aromatherapy Consultant and had all my ‘recipes’, notes and blends on index cards - sometimes all over the house!  Now, I have created a ‘cookbook’ for all of them and then some (informational pages, too) -- more than 500 so far!  It is a terrific organizer for me and now all I have to do is pull up NYC and the ‘recipe’ or info I need is right there. I appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping it the absolute best "recipe" software available.  Kudos!!”

Kim Hovey, 7-Feb-2002


“Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the work you've put into Now You're Cooking ... I especially like the new side-by-side feature for ingredients and directions!  I haven't had much chance to play with it yet, but as I'm working on menus for the next two weeks, I thought I'd send you a note while I was thinking of it.  Thanks for a great product.” 

Kilty Spoke, 12-Jan-2002


“I have just registered NYC and the features I found most useful are the excellent import facility as well as the search capabilities. I have used Meal-Master for years and have been looking for a Windows program with all the features of Meal-Master with no success - until now.”

Bob Starkins, 7-Jan-2002


“I purchased NYC on the recommendation from someone on one of the lists I belong to.  I wish I had saved her email address so I could thank her.  I love this program.  I had been using Mastercook for many years, but became unhappy with the lack of support.  I'm in the process of swapping my many recipes into NYC now.  I did have some initial problems, not due to you but to my own stupidity.  I just hate to read manuals, but I emailed you with my question and you responded immediately.  Such great personal service!  I have not had that in a long time!  When you say tech support is just an email away you are not kidding!”

Noreen Gilman, 6-Jan-2002


“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy NYC.  The thing I like best is the simplicity - you don't have to learn a program to use it.”

Denise Baxter, 2-Jan-2002




“I love v5.46 and v5.47!  I especially love the Import feature for recipes.  It just takes a second to get recipes from friends' e-mail into the software!”

Becky Lash, 21-Dec-2001


“After all the help you've been, I just wanted to pass along some impressions of your software:  I love the fact that it now features WW information! And I finally used the 'screen import' function'.  What a blessing.  You just cut my workday (the sit-at-the-desk part) by a whole bunch!  Thanks.”

Linda Stanton, 17-Dec-2001   


“I have been using Mastercook for 6 years now and found out they are getting out of the business and into games.  So, I hope I will be able to import my recipes into your program easily.  That's the main reason I am switching to your program.  I have been using your program for a week now and find it easy to use.  I was very impressed with how you can import from the Internet certain recipes using the string "@@@@@".  We copied the recipe and then pasted it into a Notebook program than added "@@@@@" to the top line of the recipe and immediately it was imported into Now You're Cooking.  Every ingredient was listed exactly how we copied it.  Never have seen software work that effectively especially when it was not a recipe that is easily exported. This impressed my husband who works with software and hardware everyday.”

Sherry Borsheim, 20-Nov-2001


“We purchased NYC because it is feature-rich and intelligently written.  The software is very user-friendly and intuitive to use.  I had a little trouble in the beginning on importing recipes from text files, but with your examples I was able to figure it out quickly.  My wife and I use it all the time and enjoy searching for a meal that fits what we have and what we feel like at the time.  Nice job.”
Mike & Eileen Campanelli, 13-Oct-2001


“Several years ago, I bought your product 'The Grocery Consumer' and have used it regularly. A cooking egroup I frequent talked about this 'new' product, 'Now You're Cooking!' and how wonderful it was.  I looked at it, sure looked familiar, had some features my Grocery Consumer didn't have.  I decided to buy it, and was NOT surprised to see your name on the packet containing the manual and CD.  I've always enjoyed the ease of using this recipe program, and recommend it to my friends.  Thanks for your hard work!”

Nancy Stoltzman, 1-Oct-2001


“I work offshore in the oilfield as a cook (although I am not a cook, I can cook); I like the "completeness" of your software and the many recipes it handles. I often have to cook for different amounts of people & being able to change the servings is a big help as is the shopping list feature. Thanks again.”

Jamie Baygents, 1-Oct-2001


“I bought NYC after checking out many other recipe software programs.  I found it very user friendly and sophisticated in comparison to others.  I am very happy with it and use it often.  I love the shopping lists and menus. Thank you.”

Reeve Eliachar, 30-Sep-2001


“I downloaded a review copy after reading a bit about NYC from someone on a cooking news list who recommended it. I liked it a lot and so purchased it.  I put all my favorite recipes on it and use it all the time. It was easy to enter recipes, easy to categorize, nice to have it all done!!

Dottie Kaplan, 25-Aug-2001


“NYC is one of the best purchases of software I have made to date. The diligent way you are constantly updating and informing us of changes in the product far surpasses the norm.  Thanks.”

Greg Steffen, 2-Aug-2001


“I just want to tell you how much I like your program. The ability to put together any & all cookbooks your heart desires is incredible. I downloaded all the available cookbooks and unzipped them. What a mess.  There is absolutely no earthly reason to have that many on the computer.  I had a ball!! Thanks!  I am using your software for another reason.  I was recently put on a low salt "diet" (ugh!!) by my doctor…   Needless to say, not being able to cook with salt is very interesting, as well as finding out how much "salt" & "sodium" is in so many fresh foods.  I was told to "spice it up".  I didn't realize I knew so little about spice and herb use, let alone how many different ones there are. So I started a cook book with nothing but spices and herbs. The recipe name is the herb/spice. I can use your picture area to show what it looks like and the directions area is great to be able to put ideas on what to use it on.  So far I have 278 herbs and/or spices listed in my "cookbook".  It is great to have all this information in one spot. I plan to put together a "low salt" cookbook as I find recipes for them, as well as a "low carb" cookbook. Your nutrient list is invaluable for this...  Again, thank you for such a great product.”

Glynda Nolan, 13-Jul-2001


“Here's an interesting bit of info regarding your excellent software. When I retrieved my data files off of my backup CD, I discovered none of my data files were interacting properly w/ any of the software programs. It was YOUR NYC software that was instructive as to the reason why.  If not for the NYC error messages, it might have taken me days to discover the reason for the difficulty. When I transferred the data from CD it had in fact transferred the files as "read only" and therefore did not properly interact w/ the software. I am so grateful that your software program error message actually included this possibility in the message text! I promptly went to the data files and changed the properties so that they were no longer "read only" and ba dum bum......everything was working just fine with all my software applications! Good work Gary ~ your software saved me hours of laborious trial and error to discover what on earth the problem was with my data files. I simply changed the properties based upon the prompt from your software! Excellent! Thanks again!”

Sue Masson, 25-May-2001


“I am frankly delighted with your NYC software.  I have a number of cooking software programs, dating back to MicroCookbook and including the pretty but massive and extremely proprietary Mastercook.  …The features I like best about NYC are its flexibility in importing and exporting various formats, and the fact that it is almost completely "Windows-friendly".  (I work on a computer, so quick-keys come naturally.)  I have Meal-Master, but I am not thrilled with the limitations of DOS; so when I discovered that so many recipes were readily available with NYC, I downloaded the demo.  I believe I filed the registration the very next day, when I saw what NYC had to offer.  …I haven't had any difficulties in installation, and learning to use it was a snap.  I particularly like the screen import function, which is one of the JEWELS of the program. Congratulations on an excellent piece of work - WELL DONE !”

Angela Naylor, 10-May-2001


“We downloaded trial versions of several recipe databases and tried them all out and found NYC to be the best of the lot, bar none!  There was no hesitation in making the purchase and we did so, in fact, two days after first looking at the NYC demo version.”

Jim Eakins, 10-May-2001


“NYC is a very useful and feature-filled program.  There are two primary reasons I purchased the program soon after I downloaded it. 1) The screen import facility. This is a novel interface that allows me to easily include recipes in my NYC cookbooks directly from the scanner.  It does an extraordinary job of putting the items (size, measure, preparation method, ingredient and preparation) into the correct field even if some are missing or not lined up in columns.  Also, as a software developer I was impressed with the technique.  Without this feature, the initial setup of my cookbooks from my existing hardcopy recipes (some of which are family heirlooms) would have been almost overwhelming. I prefer using the screen import instead of typing directly into the input form. 2) The user interface.  It was intuitive and easy to use. Getting around in the program was easy and made sense.  It has all the functions I need and want.”

John Daemmer, 8-May-2001


“You create a good software program.  From all the ones I downloaded, yours was the only one that was easy to use and does what I need.  Seems that the best software is made by shareware authors.  Thanks.”

Marcel Schoch, 24-Mar-2001


“I have downloaded the upgrade to NYC (I had v5.13) and now am using 5.37.  WOW!!  I really like the upgrade, it is working fine and I like the improvements. Keep up the good work.  A happy user....”

Darwin Pharo, 18-Mar-2001


“I love what you've done with NYC!  For me, it's perfect!!  I especially appreciate being able to import recipes I've typed up in MS Word.  Thank you.”

Verlee Terwilliger, 9-Mar-2001


“I purchased NYC on Saturday and the manual and CD came in the mail on Monday.  I still can't believe it !!!   I really like your program.   I have been looking for something to replace the old DOS Micro Cookbook program that I had and NYC was just what I had been looking for.  I found it on the Kim Komando web page of shareware picks of the week and after downloading it and trying it out, I ordered it.  The 3000 recepies from around the world is excellent.  Also, the manual that you provide is excellent.  I'm glad I found a link to your site!”

George Kristoff, 25-Feb-2001


“Thanks for having such a nice product....  hubby does all of our cooking and I have been looking for some way to help him with the planning of the meals - this is the part that he does not like about cooking.... think your product will do the job nicely.   I have your whole program now and I plan to spend many hours putting together some wonderful recipes for my "cook" (hubby) to fix for us.  I plan to have quite a fun time with this program.  It seems so versatile. A new fan of your software,”

MD Evans,13-Feb-2001


“I wanted to let you know that I love the software!  I was sold on it because it offered the most flexibility for what I wanted.  Had looked at several other recipe software but none came close to what I wanted.”

Julie Kane, 21-Jan-2001



"My husband and I were talking the other day about NYC. I keep seeing recipe programs in the stores, and whenever I do, I still feel like I got the most "bang for my buck" when I purchased NYC!  I really appreciate your continual "tweaking" of an already awesome product. I am always excited to see what you will do next (and am always pleased with the results)!!
Cindi Dixon, 15-Dec-2000

"Thank you for the new Ver. 5.3 update to your great "Now You're Cooking" software. It is the BEST recipe software that I have used; and I have tried many different ones. It CERTAINLY IS THE GREATEST VALUE on the market, since with the initial purchase price, you are sending me FREE UPDATES as you develop them. Thank you again for a great product."
G. J. Gagnon, 22-Nov-00

"...NYC is a really nice program that I use daily.  Good job adding new features and offering frequent upgrades!"
Pat Ringler, 15-Nov-2000

"I downloaded the new version over the weekend, and WOW you've done some amazing things!!  I especially love the way you can paste a recipe from any source and identify the title, ingredients, etc and then import it into the cookbook...  Thanks a bunch for providing such fabulous software...  It's been fun to watch the software evolve, I don't know why anyone would stick with MC or MM,
thanks for all the thought and hard work."
Amy Niedrich, 15-Nov-2000

"I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome software program!  It is exactly what I needed to get my recipes organized.  I just downloaded the upgrade to version 5.31 and I am so impressed with the screen import.  That was the only problem I had with NYC before was that it took a long time to format the recipes from my recipe ezine into NYC format.  Now it's a breeze and I am very thankful for that...  Keep up the great work!!"
Christa Rachwalski, 14-Nov-2000

"I was setting out to write a program to handle this myself, but when I dug into the requirements, I decided to check the web and maybe avoid reinventing the wheel.  Well, your program blew my socks off with capabilities that I wouldn't have fathomed for several years.  And I found the trial version of NYC so easy to use and thoroughly written, there was doubt in my mind - I had to buy it.  Then there's the lifetime upgrade - who can refuse such an offer?  Let alone your price, which is half that of your major competition.  Top it off with a printed instructional manual that lays flat of all things.  Basically, what sold me is the whole package."
Anonymous, 24-Oct-2000

"I LOVE Now You're Cooking!!  I am a nanny and it makes it easier to plan a weekly menu for the family I care for.  I have also started using it for my family as well.  I love making a grocery list and planning a menu by it.  Great idea!!"
Teresa Thompson, 18-Oct-2000

"I think the software is brilliant.  I particularly like import/export facility and the opportunity to incorporate pictures."
Kersti Juva, 18-Oct-2000

"Thank you for the continuing refinement of NYC.  I started with NYC version 5.05 in early 1999.  Quickly melding with NYC, I imported all of my recipes from other programs into it... and I uninstalled all the other recipe management programs.  I'm now using NYC 5.19, and NYC has never crashed or had any internal malfunctions during my many hours weekly using the program.  To date, it holds 203 cookbooks and over 198,000 recipes that I'm working with - and still adding 50-300 recipes each week. My main import cookbook ranges in size from 10,000 to 15,000 recipes that I individually reformat, assess, spell-check, categorize, and then file into cookbooks.  The NYC LifeTime FREE Upgrade option was the best purchase I've ever made in software.  And it'll make an excellent useful gift.  Tonight I'll be purchasing two more NYC's with FREE LifeTime Upgrades as birthday gifts for my daughters.  Thank you... heartily."
Dennis B., 18-Oct-2000

"I truly enjoy using NYC software and NEVER considered any other.  It is easy to use no matter whether you are importing, editing or whatever!  I am able to print my grocery list and know what my food bill should be before I go shopping!  It is a user friendly program and offers excellent directions so one can learn how to use new functions!"
Bonnie Dixon, 17-Oct-2000

"I am SO glad I purchased this program. Consistent updates, logical instructions, I really do enjoy using this program. Currently, I have input 289 of my "favorite" recipes and I LOVE being able to use keywords to retrieve them.  I input the recipes I like from boxes, cans, the newspaper. Sometimes, I go to the second-hand store and scout out cheap cookbooks (usually specialized) and pick through them, input the recipes I like or want to try, and then I either give the cookbooks away or re-donate them. Probably sounds silly, but it's kinda fun and I've cooked a lot of new dishes this last year.  Right now, my newest recipe I've tried is from a book of "fakes" - it's a "Sara Lee Original Cream Cheesecake." Yum, yum, yum, it's simply to-die-for....  I'm still looking forward to using the grocery store list."
Kathy Beck, 11-Oct-2000

"Today I downloaded AccuChef, just to try it out... and I have to tell you, despite all the awards and user-comments they flaunt, your program is a heck of a lot easier to use, and seems more full-featured!!!"
Megan O'Shaughnessy, 12-Sep-2000

"I had been using MC5 and hardly a day went by without it crashing. I wanted to use NYC for the total trial period just in case it was the same as MC5 and I didn't want to waste my money again.  NYC is the best recipe program I have used, and to date it has NOT
crashed once!!!!  NYC actually does what it's supposed to do!!!  Without the trauma of crashes, lost data, etc. After using Mastercook5, Now You're Cooking! is an absolute pleasure to use."
Jenny Hoad, 11-Sep-2000

"I have had no problems with the NYC software so far whatsoever... I bought the program via internet after using the trial version for about 2 weeks. The reason is that I like its features very much, the easy navigation, great help menu etc. etc. Have nothing bad to say about Now You're Cooking and am very happy I bought it."
Sigrid Tooson, 10-Sep-2000

"I think NYC is the neatest and most comprehensive Cook Book software that I have ever seen!"
Peggy Howland, 10-Sep-2000

"After looking at some other cookbook software, I found that NYC was the most complete and user friendly. One example is the ability to convert ingredient measures to fractions. I also like the ease in which you can move recipes from one cookbook to another. I look forward to getting into it further."
Gary Arnevik, 16-Aug-2000

"Several years ago I downloaded one of your earliest versions of NYC while I was in grad school and had just gotten married and used it for as long as I could.  I loved it, but at the time couldn't afford to purchase it.  Now that I could I downloaded the current version and purchased it.  I love the improvements...especially the ability to import plain text recipes.  I also use it to organize and store all my soap and toiletries recipes ( I make soap and toiletries as a hobby).  I also love the new nutrition information... I have my mother living with me and she has recently been diagnosed as glucose intolerant... it is helpful to plan menus quickly with NYC and have the nutritional components quickly calculated for you... This is one of the only programs that I have bought on line after downloading a demo version...yours actually lived up to all it claimed..."
Jackie Mullen, 15-Aug-2000

"I have just discovered your software after two months of continuous trouble with the MasterCook Suite 5.0 program which I purchased; there were numerous problems and after several attempts of obtaining help from Mastercook support I decided to look for another recipe software program.  The funny thing is I got Now You're Cooking off the Mastercook recipe email list!  It is a great program; after downloading I was able to fully use all features immediately (Mastercook has never fully functioned)."
Dallas Ginn, 26-Jul-2000

"I just downloaded and immediately registered my copy of NYC.  What a nice product!  I can't tell you how pleased I was to find such a feature-rich recipe database.  I have Meal-Master, but have wanted a Windows-based recipe manager for awhile.  And you even import and export MM format!  Best of all, what caused me to find NYC is the nutrition analysis component. My family recently started following the Zone Diet, and I really needed something to help me take my favorite recipes and adapt the meal to fit the Zone guidelines.  Your nutrition database and recipe analysis are very easy to use."
Sue Morton, 10-Jul-2000

"I think NYC is an awesome program. You get 10 STARS from me!  Feel free to use this as a quote!"
Lisa Collins, 6-Jul-2000

"I've searched high and low, far and wide for cooking software and so far your is the best I've come across.  I really enjoy working with it, everything I need is right there at my fingertips.   It's easy to use; I don't need to be a genius to use it.  I can put in my favorite recipes, pull up a menu, print it out post it on the frig and never worry about what I'm gonna cook tonite.  Everything is right there.  I cannot say it enough -- I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE."
Linda Townes, 26-Jun-2000

"Hey, that version 5.18 is the best yet. Congratulations!"
Terrance Berscheid, 5-Jun-2000

"I have used your program for a very long time now.  It is the most comprehensive and easy to use program that I have run
across!  Everything is in one spot...from ingredient lists, menus, and recipes to coupons.  I have loved it from day one!!!
Signed, Long time user and still loving it!"
Ruby Kemp, 29-May-2000

"Just a quick note to say that I have copied you in on an e-mail I sent to Christopher Kimball (Editor & Publisher of Cook's Illustrated magazine).  For more than a year I've been meaning to contact the folks at Cooks Illustrated to tell them about NYC, but somehow life kept getting in the way. Well, better late than never.  I hope he loves your program as much as I do."
Kathy Altman, 18-May-2000 (her letter follows)

TO:   Mr. Christopher Kimball, Editor & Publisher, Cook's Illustrated, 17 Station Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Dear Mr. Kimball,

I've been meaning to write you regarding the review in your February 1999 issue - "Recipe Database Software Falls Short".  You said that "Unfortunately, existing software programs are only moderately successful at helping the home cook keep track of recipes easily and efficiently." You reviewed 3 programs for Windows, none of which seemed to be very impressive.

Well, hold on to your hat.....have I found a program for you!

It's called "Now You're Cooking!"  It is shareware and it can be downloaded for free to try.  I thought it was great to be able to try the program before purchasing and I was so pleased with this software that I registered it.  I think the cost is $25 and for a few extra dollars you can also receive a manual.  You also get free upgrades for the life of the product.  I had been searching for a Windows program to handle my recipes, but after researching various programs none seemed to measure up to my criteria.

One software program I researched wouldn't let me add any additional categories so that meant that I'd be stuck using someone else's categories.  Of course there are the basic categories which everyone uses, i.e., pasta, soups, chicken, pies, desserts, etc., but I also wanted to be able to my own categories (i.e, company, quick, Hungarian, Greek, Jewish, Italian, etc.).  I didn't want to have to lump certain recipes into one category called "ethnic".   If I want to find for a recipe for a Hungarian dish that's quick yet good enough for company" I didn't want to lump them into one category called "ethnic" and then have to browse through every recipe title searching for a Hungarian company dish.  So being able to make up my own categories was an important criteria.  If I have a favorite recipe for pasta which is "quick" to make but also special enough for company, I wanted to be able to instantly put my fingers on all pasta recipes which fits into these categories.  If unexpected company is arriving for dinner and I don't have much time I can just search using the keywords:  pasta, quick and company" and any recipes in those categories come up.

You wrote that one one of the programs you reviewed didn't recognize simple ingredients such as "garlic cloves".  With this program, when I type "garlic" and then start to type the letter "c" (as in cloves), the rest of the word (cloves) is automatically filled in.  You also wrote that "listing two ingredients, such as "tangerines or clementines," on the same line confused all the programs".  I added a sample recipe and put the words "tangerines or clementines" on one line in the ingredient box.  Then I clicked "all recipes", clicked "search", typed in the word "clementines" and then clicked to begin the search.  Up came the recipe.  Also worked using word "tangerines".

You mentioned a program called "Mangia" saying that there are 10 separate screens for entry.  With "Now You're Cooking" there are basically two screens.  When you click "NEW", on only one page you fill in the name of the recipe, the contributor (where you got the recipe from), ingredients, yield, preparation time, click on whatever categories apply (from a dropdown list of your categories) and preparation time, etc..  At the bottom of that same page you click "directions" and a screen opens where you add the instructions for the recipe.  Then you click "view" to see the whole recipe.  Very easy.  You can also scale recipes.

I don't know if you've tried this program but I wanted to let you know it's out there and I think it's just terrific.  I think you'll like Now You're Cooking and maybe you'll want to review it in a future issue of COOK'S ILLUSTRATED.

Now You're Cooking's home page:                                                              http://www.ffts.com
You can find one of the many reviews of the program at:                           http://www.streport.com/files/NYCooking.htm
You can download the "NYC 32 bit" program (for a free 60-day trial) at:    http://www.ffts.com/download.htm

I'm copying in Mr. Gary Hauser on this e-mail because for several years I've been meaning to write and tell him what a wonderful program this is.  Now he'll know.  Please note that I do not know Mr. Hauser or anyone else associated with  "NYC" (Now You're Cooking) nor do I have anything to do with his company or any other company which makes software.

Also, as far as support goes, the two times I sent an e-mail to their support address, I always received a prompt reply, usually within 24 hours.  This contrasts with two other companies I contacted (who publish cooking software) who had me wait between 1-3 months for a reply.  Another company never even answered me.  So I appreciate the response time with the folks at NYC.  Sincerely,  Kathy Altman

Kathy Altman, 18-May-2000

"I downloaded the 32-bit Windows 98 version of your software last night.  Boy, am I impressed!  What a powerful application.  It's easy to use, well written and organized, and sooo versatile!  Kudos to you, and thank you!"
Cathi Nelson, 2-May-2000

"After searching high and low for a noteworthy recipe program, yours was the best, nice work."
Lorie Grandia, 30-Apr-2000

"The main reason for purchasing NYC was its stability. I also use Mastercook v5 and successive patches and it still has problems."
Jim Alderson, 25-Apr-2000

"By the way Gary, that software package is awesome, it couldn't be better; very full featured and it all works very intuitively.   Kudos to all of you at FFTS from a  very happy new user."
Tom Beckett, 9-Apr-2000

'I hadn't really looked at NYC or played with it at all. I did play around with it tonight. I easily imported some Master Cook export files and quickly figured out how to access the recipes and print them out. The NYC program seems to be both intuitive and powerful. Kudos to you and all those who have worked hard to develop a great piece of software. I'll be registering for a lifetime upgrade option tomorrow. Warm regards to you and the staff!"
Neal Von Almen, 24-Mar-2000

"I love the product!  I was a Mastercook user, and you converted me."
Jennifer Struwe, 15-Mar-2000

"...I just wanted to let you know that you have the best piece of software (for recipes) on the net. I have downloaded everyone one that was available for demo on the net, and yours is best by far.  I found 99% of the other programs very limited and difficult to use and the one that I liked second best did not have nearly as many features as NYC.  I have collected 1000's of recipes from the Internet and organized them so I could find them.  I have really enjoyed using the 60 day demo, and its comforting to know that my recipes will not be lost when the demo expires.  Most software companies limit their demos to 30 days or even less."
Jamie T, 8-Mar-2000

"You are a Saint!  I read the manual and complete installation instructions today.  In your e-mail reply you were kind enough to answer my questions and not tartly reply "Read the manual!" Thank you...  I am pleased at how well you explained every detail on installation.  No other program that I have does that.  My hat is off to you."
Sally Stieber, 8-Feb-2000

"I have been back today to purchase your program as I think its the best thing since sliced bread.  I couldn't believe my luck when we found your program.  I had been trying hard to make some sort of recipe database since we got our computer 18 months ago, but nothing seemed just what I wanted.  What sold me on your program was the fact that every aspect appears to have been covered, I can't wait to get stuck in and load all my recipes...  Thank you for a brilliant program."
Patricia Yupp, 7-Feb-2000


"I wanted you to know how much I love NYC!  It has really helped me become more organized in the kitchen.  What was most important in my decision to purchase NYC, was being able to plan the menu and produce a shopping list from the menu, so I would know what I needed at the store.  I've been telling all of my friends about it.  I'm finally going through my cookbooks and using those recipes now since I can plan what I need so easily!  Thanks again!"
Bev Cooper, 22-Dec-1999

"I would like to compliment you that besides having a superb program you are continually improving it and allowing the users to contribute.  Hooorah!  Good show and all that."
Ken Tilley, 21-Dec-1999

"I just wanted you to know that I think the latest version of Now You're Cooking is, without question, the very best recipe program I have ever used.  My wife and I have tried several others over the years, but yours tops the list. I just finished removing all the other programs from our computer, and we will be using NYC exclusively!  Thank you for an excellent program!"
Lorne Ottway, 6-Dec-1999

"I've downloaded and previewed any number of recipe programs, and yours is not only head and shoulders above the rest, it is damn near perfect.  Exactly what I have been looking for!!  Keep up the good work."
Rick Turner, 5-Dec-1999

"First of all, I want to thank you for writing the NYC program. I have tried all kinds of cookbook software, both shareware and retail purchases, but have found yours to be by far the easiest to use. Also I love the fact that I can import and export files in so many different formats - it sure makes getting and sending recipes easier.  I also like how easy it is read the recipes in the view mode, and editing the recipes are a snap. A lso I like the fact that you have features, such nutritional links, available but not required.  Thank you once again, Gary, for writing NYC.  I look forward to many happy hours of using this wonderful program."
Judy Armstrong, 3-Dec-1999

"I just had to tell you, I LOVE this program!"
Katherine Beck, 28-Nov-1999

"This is the best cookbook yet!  As program chairman for a Computer Club here in our retirement community, I plan to show the group how to download this program tomorrow night and tell them of all the features you have included  . . . they're GREAT!  So glad I found it!  Thanks!"
Rose Geiger, 23-Nov-1999

"I bought MasterCook and attempted to work with it, but it was too cumbersome, and confusing, despite my computer ability.  It is important to me to be able to assign a number of categories to each recipe.  MasterCook wasn't working for me, but Now You're Cooking fills my criteria...  The most important feature to me is the ability to search by ingredients...   It's a wonderful program and anyone who buys MasterCook without exploring further doesn't know what he/she is missing in terms of versatility and user-friendliness.  The programmer has done a wonderful job and I hope he/she gets appropriate kudos for understanding not just how to build the program, but also for understanding what we're looking for in a program.  I am so impressed."
Karen Major, 4-Nov-1999

"I downloaded NYC in order to review the software for a client who needed to upgrade from a DOS program (Menu Manager). I was very impressed by your software and my client ultimately bought the NYC product.  Installation was a breeze and data conversion was simple."
John Thompson, 3-Nov-1999

"What sold me on NYC was the great interface and wide range of facilities; it really 'does it all'!  Many thanks!"
Jodie Holloway, 3-Nov-1999

"I sure do love my software.  I'm not one to download a zillion recipes from the internet because there end up being
so few I'm interested in.  But I sure am loving getting all my favorite recipes from many years in the computer, as well as those I see on the food network and magazines.  Great job!"
Ellen Webster, 2-Nov-1999

"You wrote a fantastic program.... one that I had asked my husband to write a few years before I found your program... but he said that he does not like to write "application" software.  (He does mainframe stuff or something).  He is also very impressed with your program... and since I am disabled.. he does the shopping.  He was always overwhelmed with the prospect of doing the food shopping until we started using your program.  He would forget half the things on the list, not be able to find things on the list, and then come home with a lot of extra things.  Now, since the list is in order by aisle, and shows exact quantities of what to buy... he finishes the shopping in one third the time, gets everything on the list, and does NOT buy extra things anymore!" Thank you VERY MUCH! :-)"
Susan Murphy, 19-Oct-1999

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your program.  It beats any software out there hands down and I have tried them all including the MasterCook 4.0 which is missing many of the features that is built into NYC v5.  I really enjoy NYC for its ease of use, speed and windows environment.  You have done an excellent job on this and I have been telling everyone that I come in contact with that it is the best choice out there for a recipe database.  Please keep up the good work..."
Bob Noles, 7-Oct-1999

"I had been looking on the web for cooking software and NYC was the best value in town.  There were some cheaper programs but they didn't have all of the features of NYC.  There were also some better looking programs too, but they were much more expensive.  So overall, NYC was the best balanced program I could find.  Additionally, I had made the acquaintance of someone when working on a temporary job.  It winds up that he was a chef and was working part-time as a contractor for IBM to earn some money on the side.  When the subject of cooking software came up, he mentioned that he used NYC because it was just what he needed.  Why pay more for extra glitz?  And so I thought to myself if it's good enough for a chef to use, it's good enough for me to use."
Dave Edwards, 30-Aug-1999

"Excellent product and excellent support.  Remarkable in today's world."
Benjamin Banks, 5-Aug-1999

"NYC seems to be the most customizable cooking software I've come across. I can add any thing I want to any dropdown list, I can  switch between decimal and fraction, I can switch between metric and US measures, and I can even scale anything with a click. Too cool."
Scot Capehart, 20-Jul-1999

"NYC had all the features that I wanted and more. I previously purchased a copy of MasterCook and returned it because I didn't like its limited search capabilities. I got on the Web and downloaded "Home Cooking" and "Recipe Wizard" and "Now You're Cooking". NYC won hands down! I really love its functionality, its great search features, the ease of adding new recipes, the meal planning calendar layout. I especially love being able to assign recipes to multiple categories. This makes it easier to plan meals for specific diets: dairy-free, vegetarian, etc. I am so HAPPY with this software!"
Liz Delgatto, 19-Jul-1999

"I have decided to purchase Now You're Cooking!   I've downloaded and/or purchased 5 different cookbook programs in the last 3 months and NYC definitely is the cream of the crop!"
Kate Coen, 28-Jun-1999

"My husband is an organ recipient (heart transplant) and has just miracuously recovered from Legionaire's disease but has resulted in kidney function issues.  This means he is now on a very restricted potassium and fluid intake diet.  During his hospitalization I have scoured the internet for nutritional tracking, menu building programs and there is none out there like yours.  I would recommend that you try to get in touch with all of the National Kidney Foundation, Mayo Clinic, ADA; all of those types of organizations and allow them to find out about your software, as well as all of the major hospitals.  I am going to load mine on my laptop and take it to the dietician at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and show them...  Your product is going to make my life a lot easier in trying to manage my husband's nutritional needs."
Linda Hansen, 5-May-1999

"After using the demo of NYC, I definitely had to purchase it.  Why did I buy it instead of something else? Most importantly would be the functionality of the software.  It does everything I want/need in a recipe database without cluttering it up with a bunch of junk I don't care about. I don't have to have photos [although the capability is there] or included recipes or cooking demos that I'm never going to use. Next reason, the price was right. I also like the package options you offer, disks, manuals, upgrades, how did I want my package, good thinking.  Hey, at that price, I opted for the works. And finally, although I didn't realize this one until after buying, you've done the best user manual I've ever seen. And here I know of what I speak. With all the manuals for hardware and software that I've read in our house over the years (yes, my husbands a programmer) its wonderful to see one so thorough and easy to understand. So in closing, keep up the good work and yes, I'm recommending NYC to all I know. Thank you."
Amy Winch, 19-May-1999

"I previously had MasterCook and MealMaster recipe programs.  Not having much time to devote to recipe conversion (busting) hassles, importing, exporting and formatting learning curves, I cherish the native conversion abilities of NYC.   The fully functional NYC 'Trial-ware' version allowed me to explore virtually every facet of what the program is capable of, before I paid money to own it for myself.  And the 'Sixty-Day Trial Period' fit wonderfully into the life of someone who doesn't have time diddle in the computer every day.   Another piece of a well-planned and carried-forth package.  Though both the other recipe programs I had were functional.... and obviously reliable.... neither had the myriad of user-friendly, timesaving, Windows-based menus and sheer versatility I found in NYC.   It's thoughtfully laid-out.   A few hours, one trip to the NYC FAQ's page for general info, and I was very comfortable with the program.   It seems to me that with NYC, virtually anyone can begin, maintain and grow an easy to use, well-organized and massive recipe database.  Or, to any size that fits their particular needs.  It works as well for many tens-of-thousands of recipes as it does for hundreds of them...  I have over 135,000-plus recipes, in 114-cookbooks, now in NYC.   Eight of my generalized cookbooks have 4800 to 6500 recipes them - others as few as 20.  Daily I receive more recipes in E-mail, from Recipe Services and from friends.  And I still collect interesting ones I run across in my WEB travels and in my daily life.   There's no doubt in my mind that the small price I paid for the program on disk, with User Manual, delivered to me, and assurance of free lifetime NYC upgrades, is money well-spent.   In fact, when I finally get my WEB-domain designed, up and running I want to devote plenty of space to extolling the virtues of Now You're Cooking, in addition to providing thousands of recipes and a wealth of culinary knowledge, tips, history and household tips.  Now You're Cooking will surely be a great aid to me in my endeavors."
Dennis B., Baltimore, MD, 2-May-1999

"Thanks for a great program.  We've tried several other commercial recipe programs and have found that none of them are in the same league as your product."
Keith Ferguson, 30-Apr-1999

"Just love the program!!!  Didn't know just how much I would enjoy using it.  Never soil my nice cookbooks now....and easy to make copies of my recipes for friends!!!  Not to mention the ease with which I can scale the recipes for special parties...like the one I have coming up on May 14th."
Sandy Snow, 29-Apr-1999

"A very convenient use of your nutrition data feature has been to put in an entire meal for a single person (by listing the individual items as ingredients) and be able to get a good nutritional analysis.  Because I can quickly generate and print comparisons, this has been VERY helpful in teaching cooks/others the actual effects of substitutions and changes in dietary choices to comply with dietary prescriptions.  Some of my clients use complicated dietary regimens, especially vegan/vegetarian, so this has been a great convenience to them."
Ellen Tisdale, RN, MSN, CNM  thecook@texas.netEllen's Kitchen, 11-Feb-1999


"Now You're Cooking! is the best thing to come about since the very first cookbook.  It is a wonderful program, it saves you time, money, and energy.  The menu planner will make your life so much easier.  There is no more deciding seven days a week what to make for dinner, you make your menu once and don't think about it again!  You will absolutely Love this program.  Buy it for everyone you know!  What a great present at Christmas time!"
Becky Jorgensen, 25-Oct-1998

"I have downloaded many recipe and shopping list programs.  This program (which I registered today) is by far the best I've seen."
Candi Jauchius, 21-Oct-1998

"NYC is greater than sliced bread!  ...I think everyone who has a computer & loves cooking should have NYC."
Claude Davis, 2-Sep-1998

"I am using the demo version of NYC. I have used a lot (MM, MKC, Key H. Gourmet, Recipe Wizard); currently using MasterCook. I am really liking this software more than MasterCook. My reasons? 1. Shopping by aisle (Master Cook, you have to look hard for changing...and work hard) 2. The zip utility (MC compresses them, but not .zip per se). 3. Speed (MM is too rustic for me. MC 4.0 is slow because of graphics, NYC is speedy enough to get the job done and look pretty). 4. The Meal Plan layout (MM lists them differently, but I like NYC; I can see what meal or snack I missed). My very-noviced opinion? If others knew about this and used the demo, I believe it can outbeat the 'top' sellers. Seriously. I would love to put a link to sponsor for free. THAT's how much I like it!"
Claudia Nagel, 7-Aug-1998

"Just wanted to drop an e-mail to say how much I am enjoying the program.  I am really impressed with the updates... and ever so glad that I registered.  Thanks again."
Carol Burkemper, 31-Jul-1998

"I just love NYC. Before I bought it, I had tried MasterCook and found I much preferred NYC. It is so much easier to use."
Linda Winans, 19-Jul-1998

“I have used four major softwares over the past ten years prior to my registration with "Now You're Cooking".  Nothing was able to satisfy us completely until I was exposed to your artistry.  We now use NYC in all of our genealogy recipe collections.  It is so intuitive for our work. Thank you so very much!.”
Emmett Cochran, 12-Jun-1998

“...this is the best programme on my PC bar none. (This is quite a big compliment as I like Microsoft Golf a lot!)”
David Bailey, 4-Jun-1998

“...the nutritional info is very important to me and I am tremendously impressed with how much easier yours is compared to MC... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really, really like it so far and you've done an excellent job, as always.”
Carolyn Shaw, 25-May-1998


“I just want to thank you for putting out such a great product.  It's one of the best shareware purchases I ever made!  (And considerably better than many commercial products I have used, too!).”
Leti Labell, 23-Sep-1997

"I just can't believe what a great program you have.  Beats Meal Master (which I was a registered user of for a number of years) hands down.  And free upgrades are great--what a fantastic policy.  I have recommended your program to friends many times--don't know if it has made a difference, but I sure try to convince them.  Please accept my "appreciation" and keep up the good work.  I really use this program a lot to organize my recipes.  It's tops in my book."
Dennis P. Spivey, 16-Sep-1997

“I have just about every recipe program on the market.  NYC has to be the best and easiest program to use that I have seen.”
Jimmie G. Toney, 13-Sep-1997

“I tried out several software demos, but yours won out because of its great features... I got my mom a copy so that we could update our  shared cookbook over the Net... that will make life a little easier.  And with this software, a little more fun!  Thanks again for a great, easy to use product.  Can you tell I'm excited about it?!”
Cindi Dixon, 23-Jan-1997

John R. Prather, 11-Feb-1997

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