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When I launch NYC, I get an error like c:\user\public\documents\ffts\nyc594 it may not exist. -or- It may not contain proper contents. ABORTING...”.


We suggest you reinstall NYC 5.94 and try it again.  If it still fails, you will need to do a clean reinstall:


Clean reinstall of NYC:


(NOTE:  These instructions assume you have NYC 5.94 installed.  Adjust accordingly if you have a different version.)


1. Backup your user folder if you have important files ("c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc594\user).

2. Uninstall NYC 5.94

3.  Delete these folders:


c:\Program Files (x86)\FFTS\Nyc594

4.  reinstall NYC 5.94


When I launch NYC, it flickers and nothing happens.


Try rebooting your machine.


Only one user we know has had this problem (he was using Windows 8.1).  He said it occurred the second time he opened NYC after a reboot.  He would reboot, then open NYC and all worked fine, and he would screen import a recipe and then edit it in the recipe edit window, then close NYC.  The next time he opened NYC, it would flicker and not open.  He had tried reinstalling but the result was the same.


In exploring it together, we learned that after the NYC install, he was doing a File… Restore… from a backup (*.nyb) that he had made in a previous NYC version.  He found that omitting this Restore step worked for him.  This suggested to us that there was possibly some kind of corruption in one of the restored files (probably a cookbook) that he was using.  We could not reproduce the problem, however, even using his backup file (*.nyb).


The File… Backup… procedure creates a backup file that is really intended for Restore into the same NYC version that the Backup was made using.  Restoring from an old *.nyb file generated by a previous version of NYC is not recommended.  It will work in some cases for selected files.  However, the File… Upgrade… procedure is the recommended process for getting old user files brought over/upgraded from an old version of NYC to a new version.


I get an Error 62 attempt to read past end of file when I try to start NYC.  It had been running fine, but now won’t work.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice.


NYC is probably having problems with your startup cookbook.  You have 2 options:


1.       Manually change the startup cookbook.  That is:

a.       Open the “nyc.stg” file in Notepad

b.      find the [Paths] section

c.       find the “StartCookbook=” line

d.      carefully delete the cookbook path that shows to the right of the “=” on the “StartCookbook=” line.


The “nyc.stg” file in your user folder.  Unless you have used NYC to alter your user folder location, you will find it at “c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx\user” (where 5xx means 591 or whatever NYC version you are running)


At first launch, NYC will prompt you to pick a startup cookbook – don’t pick the same cookbook you had open before, because it may have been the cause of the problem.  Email us the cookbook you had open when you were getting the problem (email to ) so we can use it to improve NYC’s error handling.




2.       Perform a clean reinstall.  That is:

a.       backup your NYC user folder

b.      uninstall NYC

c.       delete its folder “c:\Users\Public\Documents\FFTS\Nyc5xx” (where 5xx means 591 or whatever NYC version you are running)

d.      reinstall NYC


The wspell.ocx file that works with Legacy Family Tree is a different version from the wspell.ocx file that installs with NYC.  If I keep the NYC installed version, when I run spell check in my Legacy Family Tree program, I get a run time error/out of memory.  If I keep the Legacy wspell.ocx file, I get a run time error when I try to open NYC – same error – “out of memory”.  I know it’s the ocx file because I can switch back and forth and have each program work properly. The NYC wspell.ocx version is and the Legacy Family Tree wspell.ocx version is 5.14.00 .


Wspell is a 3rd party spell-checker by Wintertree.  The problem is that Wintertree for some reason made different versions of the ocx incompatible with each other, and only one version of the ocx can be registered on a machine at a time.  The only solution to this problem is for all software vendors to install the latest version of the ocx with their install files.  I checked with Wintertree lately, and the latest version of wspell.ocx is the one that we distribute with NYC.


So I suggest that you contact the Legacy Family Tree folks about updating the wspell.ocx that they distribute with their package.


Unless they can do that, your only option is to live without the spell check in the Tree Maker program.  NYC checks for the spell checker when you launch it, that is why the error occurs on NYC launch.  Install NYC after you install Tree Maker, then NYC’s ocx will be the registered version on your PC.


I get “Error 53… File not found” when I start NYC.  What is happening?


Sounds like an important NYC file was renamed or moved.  Let’s assume for now you are using NYC 5.89.  I suggest you back up your NYC user files (if necessary), uninstall NYC, then delete these folders:


c:\Program Files (x86)\FFTS\Nyc589



Then reboot and reinstall NYC 5.89 with no other programs running.


If you are using a version other than 5.89, replace 589 in the above steps with the equivalent for whatever version of NYC you are running.


When I launch NYC, MS Word (or QuickBooks or some other program) wants to install itself.  If I cancel the Word installation and continue with NYC, NYC appears to operate correctly.


You need to reinstall Word to fix this problem.  The problem is in Word, not NYC. 


Also, it could be your virus checker.   Try temporarily disabling your virus checker software.


You may want to try the virus checker approach first, since it is easier.


When I launch NYC v5.84, I get an error like "Error 484 Problem getting printer information from the system. Make sure the printer is set up correctly. while loading NYC. Attempting to continue"  then NYC hangs.


Most PCs have at least one printer driver loaded (Add Printer), even though it may not be physically connected.  We will trap this in future versions so the error does not happen.  The workaround for now is use Control Panel… Printers… to Add Printer (any generic printer will do) and set it as the default printer, even though you don't have a printer attached.


When I run NYC, it seems to hang just after startup.  What is happening?


If you are running Windows Vista and NYC hangs just after launch, check to make sure your printer is online.  If you have a network printer or shared printer from another computer, try turning it on - Vista can hang NYC while waiting for a print pool server to respond if the default printer is a shared printer that is off line.

This situation does not seem to hang NYC up when running Windows XP.


When I launch NYC, the thin toolbar is duplicated (I get 2 of them).  This just started happening.  What is going on?


If using NYC 5.83 or earlier, you may have opened an editor window (or other external application) from NYC and then closed NYC.  The editor window will stay open, and re-launching NYC with this window open will cause this problem.  You need to close the editor window (or other external program) that was spawned from your NYC session, then re-launch NYC.  In NYC 5.84 and higher, this behavior has been fixed (NYC now closes programs it opened before it closes itself).


However, this problem will still occur with NYC 5.84 and higher if NYC is used to open your web browser and your browser is Internet Explorer 7 (IE7).  This is because IE7 starts a program called “ieuser.exe” before it starts IE7.  This program remains open even when you close IE7, causing NYC relaunch to have the dual toolbar.  A workaround for now is to use Task Manager (Cntl-Alt-Del) and end the “ieuser.exe” program.  Then when NYC is relaunched, it looks normal.  This is a problem with IE7, but we are searching for a better NYC workaround. 


Another workaround for the IE7 problem is to open and close IE7 before you run NYC.  Starting NYC after IE7 open and close will not have the dual toolbar problem, even after running IE7 from NYC.  This is because the “ieuser.exe” process, which stayed running after external IE7 launch, now belongs to that external launch of IE7 and not to NYC’s internal launch of IE7.


In Vista, when I uninstall NYC 5.80 (or earlier version) after installing NYC 5.81 (or later), I get an error “wspell.ocx or one of its components not correctly registered”.


Open a Command Prompt in Administrator mode (Start… Programs… Accessories… right-click Command Prompt and select “Run As Administrator”). 

In the Command Prompt window, type


regsvr32 wspell.ocx


If you get an error message that reads:


“The module c:\Program Files\Nyc577\wspell.ocx was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80040201”


then you are not running the Command Prompt in Administrator mode.  Close the Command Prompt window and right-click its icon and select “Run as Administrator” to open it again.  Then retry the regsvr32 command.


This wspell.ocx registration problem should only occur after installing 5.81 (or higher), then uninstalling a previous version 5.80 (or earlier).  Subsequent versions (5.82 and higher) will not have this problem when NYC 5.81 is uninstalled.


In Vista, when I uninstall the latest version of NYC, the spell-checker stops working on any previous versions of NYC (older than 5.81) that I still have installed.  I get an error about “wspell.ocx or one of its components not correctly registered”.  This always seemed to work in XP.


Open a Command Prompt in Administrator mode (Start… Programs… Accessories… right-click Command Prompt and select “Run As Administrator”).  In the

Command Prompt window, type “regsvr32 “ followed by the full path to your previous version’s wspell.ocx file.  Here are two examples:


regsvr32 “c:\Program Files\Nyc577\wspell.ocx”

regsvr32 “c:\Program Files\FFTS\Nyc580\wspell.ocx”


If you get an error message that reads:


“The module c:\Program Files\Nyc577\wspell.ocx was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80040201”


then you are not running the Command Prompt in Administrator mode.  Close the Command Prompt window and right-click its icon and select “Run as Administrator” to open it again.  Then retry the regsvr32 command.


In Vista, I get “input past end of file” error when I run NYC 5.77 and after installation.


You probably installed into the Program Files (default location) on a computer running Windows Vista.  NYC 5.77 and earlier were not designed for Vista, so we suggest you install them into a public or root folder.  See this FAQ.


Or better yet, download and install the latest version of NYC (v5.84 or higher) from our download site .  Versions 5.80 and higher were designed for Vista.


I just installed NYC v5.76 and I get “Error 52 – Bad file name or number” when I launch it.  What is wrong?


There was a bug introduced in v5.76 and only let it execute if it was installed on the C: drive.  This was fixed in v5.77, and no previous versions have this problem.  You should download and install v5.77 or later to fix the problem.


I upgraded to a new version and brought over my user files from a backup.  Now when I start NYC, I now get Run Time Error Error '53' (and nothing more).

There is likely a problem with the startup cookbook.  We suggest you edit the “nyc.ini” file in your \user folder and on the line that reads "StartCookBook=pathname", and delete everything after the = sign.  Then when you run NYC the next time, it will prompt you for a startup cookbook.  Give it a startup cookbook other than the previous one (whose pathname we deleted above).


When I start NYC, I get messages about trying to install a SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin.  What is happening?


NYC has nothing to do with SmartSound Quicktracks, and NYC has no need for any such plugin.  SmartSound, already on your PC somewhere, may be reacting to the launching of WAV files somehow, so that when NYC tries to sound the little tones at the NYC launch (which are WAV files), somehow SmartSound is trying to run or install its plugin. 


Here are three different potential ways to resolve this problem:


  1. Here is a SmartSound tech post on this problem, which may occur with any applicationthat uses WAV files (not just NYC): 

Apparently there is a patch for Smartsound Quicktracks for Adobe Premiere Pro that fixes the problem.


2.      Use Start… Control Panel… Add/Remove Programs, find the SmartSound Quicktracks Plugin, and remove it from your system. 


3.      Turn off the NYC startup tones using Tools… Options… Interface… uncheck “sound tones…” as a possible workaround.


When I use a certain hot key sequence like Cntl-Alt-Shift with N, R, P, or L in any of my software, certain NYC-related windows pop up instead.  What is happening?


Those hot keys are used by NYC.  If you don’t want NYC or any NYC-related file to activate when you press those hot key combinations, you must open the Properties of the NYC files and delete the hot key setting.  Use the Start Menu, Programs, then right-click Now You’re Cooking Help License or other file (the one that is popping up) and select Properties to open the properties for these files.  Then clear the hotkey sequence by clicking on the hotkey textbox and pressing your Delete key.  For NYC 5.84 and higher, hotkeys are not used in the installation for any NYC files in the Startup Menu.


When I use the key sequences Cntl-Alt-Z or Cntl-Alt-2 or Cntl-Alt-@, NYC opens.  I need these keystrokes for other program shortcuts so how can I stop this?


This behavior is limited to v5.57 and v5.58.  It occurs for some reason due to the sysinfo.ocx control we used when we added a System Information button on the NYC About window.  We have since removed the System Information button in v5.59 and higher, thus eliminating the use of this .ocx altogether.  If you notice any residual problems after uninstalling your version (v5.57 or 5.58) and reinstalling v5.59+, you may need to download RegClean and run it to scrub your registry.  Windows 98 and higher will scrub the registry automatically over time if you reboot frequently.


I just installed v5.57 (or ANY version 5.52+) and now my v5.37 (or ANY version 5.51 or earlier) does not work. The message says:

  “Run-time error '339'  Component WSPELL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.”

I reinstalled version 5.37 and the message still remains and the program will not open.


Versions before 5.52 and after 5.52 use incompatible versions of wspell.ocx , so these NYC versions cannot coexist.  Once you install 5.52+, you have the newer wspell.ocx, and reinstallation of 5.37 won't install over a newer copy of it.  So if you really want 5.37, you need to rename your wspell.ocx in your \windows\system folder to wspell.ocx.old or something like that, then reinstall 5.37.


NYC installs fine but when I try to run NYC, it starts trying to install Microsoft Office.  What is happening?


We are not sure why this occurs, but other NYC users have found that reinstalling their Office software will eliminate the problem.  Here is a direct quote from a user whose Office XP software kept trying to install when NYC was installed:


“FINALLY we found that there was a problem in our Office XP software.  The same problem that we had when trying to load the NYC software reared its ugly head in another application, so we uninstalled and then re-installed Office XP.  I wanted to make sure you knew that the problem was on our end and not your software.   I appreciate the time you took to try to work through this with us!”


On startup I get: ‘VB error code 76 reading cookbook in path C:\NYC553\User’.  When closing a cookbook:  ‘Dir Only: VB Error 5...Probably no directory found in path. DP,X=///’  last error: ‘VB error 75 reading cookbook in Path’.  I never seen this before.


Error 76 is "path not found" and Error 75 is "attempting to write to a file marked read-only".  Did you restore that cookbook from a CD backup?  CD backups will cause files to be marked read-only.  Also, use of a cookbook over a network when you do not have write access authorization over the network will cause it.  This could also happen if you are using XP or another NT product and you don't have write access to the NYC folder or to another folder where you are storing cookbooks.


In Windows Explorer, rt-click the cookbook file and its indexes (*.gcf, *.cdx, *.cli, *.idx, *.ima, *.imx, *.rdx, *.rli, *.tag), select Properties, and see if any of these files have ‘read-only’ checked and uncheck it on each.


When I try to start NYC, I get a runtime error 7 “Out of Memory” but I know I have plenty of RAM.   Can this be fixed?


You need to download and install the latest version of NYC.  The problem relates to the need for different versions of the shared file “wspell.ocx” by different software, including by NYC.   The latest version of NYC is most likely to include and install the latest version of “wspell.ocx”.


Some of the NYC command button labels seem to be warped or the button can't all be seen.  Is there a fix?

The problem is likely your video resolution is too coarse.  We recommend you use 800x600 or higher video resolution with NYC for best results.  NYC will work in 640x480 resolution, but you may experience some of the minor issues that you describe.  Also, check your display fonts (right click the desktop and select Properties… Settings tab) to make sure you are not using large fonts.  Make sure also that you have Windows standard scheme selected (Appearance tab).

NYC crashes with an error message about an ATI-something file (I think a .drv file).  How do I fix that?

Two users have reported this problem.  After some testing we found it to be a conflict between NYC and the user's ATI video driver.  One user solved the problem by downloading a new beta driver and the other ended up downloading and using a previous version of the driver recommended by their PC manufacturer.

I set NYC to remember window positions using Tools... Options... Interface...  Why doesn't it work?

We accidentally crippled this feature in v5.15 because we set NYC to launch maximized, but the problem has been fixed in versions higher than 5.16.  The workaround for 5.15 and 5.16 is:

  1. Resize the NYC window; don't maximize or minimize it.
  2. Close NYC and reopen it.

Now any window resizing or repositioning by you will be remembered.

Shortly after launch, during some operation, NYC will frequently crash with a GPF.  When I look at Details>> on the GPF window, it shows an error about KERNEL32.DLL.  How can I fix this?

This behavior can occur if you are running Microsoft Fast Find.  Fast Find interferes with NYC and many other programs, so you would be wise to turn it off, and remove it from your StartUp folder.  To remove it from your StartUp folder, right-click the Task Bar, select Properties, then select the Start Menu Programs tab.  Press the Advanced... button, open the Programs folder, then move down to the StartUp folder and double-click it to see its contents.  If Microsoft Fast Find is there, select it and press the Delete key.  You may want to reboot at this point to make sure Fast Find is no longer running.

NYC installed fine but when I try to run it, I get an error about a missing or improperly registered file (e.g., comctl32.ocx).   What is wrong?

This can occur if you are trying to install the Windows 2000 version onto a PC with Windows 98 or 95.  The Windows 2000 version of the setup assumes that your PC already has all the shared files that NYC needs, such as comctl32.ocx, in your \windows\system folder.  This setup cannot install them if they are missing.

You should make sure you download and install the version for Windows 98/95/NT4.  This version checks for any missing shared files and installs them as necessary.

NYC was running fine for a while but now when I try to run it, I am getting an error message "Run Time Error 380  Invalid Property Value".    What is wrong?

This occurs in v5.10 and v5.11 if you close NYC when the main window is minimized.  This behavior has been fixed in v5.12.  The workaround for v5.10 and v5.11 is to delete the "windim.lst" file in your NYC \user folder, then avoid closing NYC when the main window is minimized.

When I try to run NYC,  nothing happens, or the hourglass appears and after a while I get a message saying the program is not responding, or the program locks right after the About window.  What is happening?

Any OS:
You may have another program running that is conflicting with NYC.  Try turning off other programs one by one, trying to run NYC between each to isolate which program may be conflicting.   We have reports that McAfee VirusScan v4.0 will create this behavior with NYC 16-bit version (v4.x).  You may have to disable the virus checker temporarily to run NYC if this is the problem.  You may want to get McAfee's next release (v4.01).  One of our users, who is on top of this problem, reported recently "McAfee now has version 4.01 out in which they have changed their drive engine as well as the Dat signature files.  More importantly, NYC under 4.01 will now execute successfully! "

To run NYC with the cleanest system short of a boot into Safe Mode, do Cntl-Alt-Del and End Task on every program running in your Task List EXCEPT Explorer and Systray.  (NOTE:  Halted programs will reappear in the task list next time you reboot your PC).  Try NYC after this.  If the problem does not recur, you now know that one of the programs you halted was the culprit.  Reboot.  Now do the End Task on each program in the Task List one at a time, trying NYC after each, until NYC works.  The last program you halted  before NYC started working again is the one that is conflicting with NYC.  You should avoid running these programs together.

Windows 95:
You may have a corrupt VB runtime file that NYC relies on and the NYC installation was unable to fix it.  If you suspect this to be the case, download this VB runtime file repair program from Microsoft at
and run it to fix your system files.   This has been known to definitely remedy the behavior you describe.  You can read about what this program does at .

Windows 3.1x:
If you are running NYC v4, make sure the 8-24-96 (398416 byte) version of vbrun300.dll is in your \windows\system directory, and that you have no other copies of it on your system anywhere.   You can download the file as here.

Every time I start NYC I get a message about not finding a font and must click it gone to start. I have no trouble after that. What is up?

Make sure your default printer is selected properly.

In NYC v4, I get an error message that says my c:\windows\system\grid.vbx is out of date and I need a newer version. What's happening?

This question is only relevant for v4.x.  This situation arises because v4 uses a non-obtrusive installation with NYC . That is, it installs shared windows files (*.vbx, *.dll) used by NYC into your NYC directory rather than into your \windows\system directory. This ensures a clean uninstall if you ever need it, and it ensures NYC will have the exact versions of files it needs, rather than relying on version control that is not foolproof. The only drawback to this approach is that if you are running an application that has already put a different version of a .vbx or .dll into memory, then Windows will refuse to load the one in your NYC directory when NYC loads. Thus, you need to run NYC before any application that uses these shared controls: grid.vbx, threed.vbx, msafinx.dll, gauge.vbx, cmdialog.vbx, and spin.vbx.

I installed NYC okay but when I try to run it, I get the message "Error validating registration key, NYC Error=VK-yg". Can you help?

NYC relies on an accurate date/time setting on your PC clock. Make sure your PC date/time is correct using Control Panel... Date/Time... or by running DATE and TIME in DOS. Try to run NYC after setting these; if it still won't run, reinstall NYC with your date/time set correctly. This will ensure that the unregistered key in your NYC directory reflects the correct date/time.

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