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Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
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(13 reviews)  3520 


Amazon sales ranking (out of 3 million)

Hardcover   688 pages

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5 stars 

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
Provides an updated combination of two best-selling cookbooks--The Classic Italian Cookbook and More Classic Italian Cooking--with thirty-five new recipes, revised cooking instructions, and new menus.
(29 reviews)  2366 
Hardcover  688 pages

The Way to Cook 
    A one-of-a-kind, brilliant cookbook which has sold half a million copies. Julia Child blends classic techniques with free-style American cooking, emphasizing lightness, freshness and simpler preparations.
 (12 reviews)  16959

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook
A revised edition of the classic cookbook features 325 new recipes, including popular new ethnic dishes, as well as new sections on microwave, outdoor, vegetarian, and low-fat cookery.
(29 reviews)  5270 

The Encyclopedia of Country Living: 
An Old Fashioned Recipe Book
This definitive classic on food, gardening, and self-sufficient living is a complete resource for living off the land.  Over 800 pages of wisdom on how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, milk a goat, grow herbs, churn butter, catch a pig, make soap, and more.
(40 reviews)  6841 
Paperback  864 pages

Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven:
Over 200 Recipes for Uncommon Soups, Tasty Bites, Side-By-Side Dishes, and Too Many Desserts
This companion volume to the 26-part public television series which began airing in October 1997contains more than 200 recipes for delicious and surprising fare; illustrated with paintings, richly evocative of the pleasures of cooking and eating.
(11 reviews)  21230 
Hardcover  304 pages

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen : Classic Family Recipes for Celebration and Healing
Hot-and-Sour Soup fired solely by aromatic white pepper.  White Chicken perfumed just with ginger and garlic. Some quick and easy like stir-fried Bean Sprouts; others with elaborate preparation, like savory Rice Tamales stuffed with pork, Chinese sausage, and duck egg yolks wrapped in bamboo leaves.
      (18 reviews)   4164
Hardcover  282 pages

The Asian Grocery Store Demystified
 Peppering her text with personal tales while unearthing gems of Asian foodlore, Bladholm clarifies the foodstuffs of every major Asian culture, including Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, Thai, Korean.
(13 reviews)  16408
Paperback  234 pages

Food for Little Fingers 
A guide to cooking for children without white flour, salt, or added sugar provides 117 recipes that provide for health, taste, and convenience, from Munchkin Meatloaf and Peter Rabbit Pasta to Georgie Porgie Spinach Pies. 
    (7 reviews)   940
Paperback  131 pages

Victory Garden Cookbook
An incomparable variety of more than 800 enticing recipes, basic gardening information, shopping tips for nongardeners, preserving and serving hints in oversize format. 
(17 reviews)  23250 
Paperback  374 pages

The Cake Mix Doctor
By doctoring up packaged cake mix with just the right extras--a touch of sweet butter here, cocoa powder there, or poppy seeds, vanilla yogurt, sherry, eggs, and grated lemon zest for the Charleston Poppy Seed Cake--even the least experienced baker can turn out luscious signature desserts, time after time.
(27 reviews)  1914
Hardcover  454 pages

The New Elegant but Easy Cookbook
 This cookbook reflects the way we cook today while keeping the concept behind the original book: recipes that can be prepared ahead of time so the cook can enjoy the party instead of hovering over the stove. Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Mediterranean Couscous Salad, Baked Imperial Chicken, Green and Gold Squash, and Lois's Original Plum Torte (the most requested recipe ever reprinted in the New York Times).
(6 reviews)   12551
Hardcover  343 pages

Learning to Cook With 
Marion Cunningham
 Marion Cunningham, renowned for her revision of the The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, turns her attention to the novice cook. Cunningham's passion for simple, home-cooked dishes, along with her extensive teaching experience, is evident on every page.  This book will teach beginning cooks to read recipes, organize complete meals, recycle dinners into tomorrow's luscious lunches, gauge quantity, season to taste, and end up with a clean kitchen!
(8 reviews)    9964
Hardcover  303 pages

Smoke & Spice
Excellent guidance for grilling, smoking, barbecue.  Recipes for meat preparation and sauces.  Main course, appetizers, drinks, veggies, dessert! 
(12 reviews)  1528 
Paperback  414 pages

The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook : 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating
  (12 reviews)  8902
Hardcover   568 pages

The American Vegetarian Cookbook from the Fit for Life
   (10 reviews)    7641
Hardcover  422 pages 

Intercourses : An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
Ever since Marc Antony first fed Cleopatra grapes, sensual foods have been intertwined with romance.  This book brings more than 85 heart-melting dishes to the table or wherever one might be entertaining. 
(13 reviews)  2659

   Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book  (Three Ring Binder Edition) 
    Discover why every kitchen worth its salt has a flour-dusted, bouillon-stained, batter-encrusted and whisk-maimed copy. 
(15 reviews)   2289
Hardcover  540 pages

The New Moosewood Cookbook 
Fifteenth-anniversary edition of a collection of healthful recipes. Features recipes that contain less fat and fewer dairy products and eggs. 
(14 reviews)    3759
Paperback   256 pages

4.5 stars 

CookWise:  The Hows and Whys of Successful Cooking
Cookwise, is a unique combination of basic cooking know-how, excellent recipes--from apple pie to beurre blanc--and reference source.  How to make the flakiest pastry, best-textured breads, delicious fruit desserts from fruit that's not fully ripe, impeccable sauces, and attractively bright cooked vegetables.
(36 reviews)  2648 
Hardcover  524 pages

Top Secret Restaurant Recipes:  Creating Kitchen Clones from America's Favorite Restaurant Chains
In 1996, Americans spent over $100 billion gobbling up meals at full-service American restaurant chains. Wilbur's collection of knock-off recipes for 110 of the most popular of these dishes--includes fare from Red Lobster, Pizza Hut, The Olive Garden, Chi-Chi's, and many others. 65 illustrations.
(21 reviews)  2039
Paperback  322 pages

 Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Elegant simplicity and exquisite flavor; includes comprehensive information about ingredients and techniques; over 800 recipes.  The 124-page chapter titled "Vegetables: The Heart of the Matter" is a virtual book of culinary revelations; you could use it as a manual on buying and preparing vegetables. Inspired recipes and guidance for everything from grains and soy to dairy foods and desserts. 
(41 reviews)  1281 
Hardcover  544 pages

License to Grill
Innovative and inspired everyday and exotic recipes and techniques for grilling great food. Heavy on the lighter fare, with more vegetables, more seafood, more pasta, and more surprisingly grillable fruit.
(9 reviews)  7876
Hardcover 416 pages

The Barbecue! Bible
 The Barbecue Bible is an over-500-recipe celebration of sizzle, smoke, and secret sauces, summer afternoon cookouts, dads in aprons, and everything about cooking over fire.
(16 reviews)  542
Paperback  556 pages

Desperation Dinners!
Written by two working moms with four kids between them, Desperation Dinners! fulfills its promise to supply you with more than 250 recipes that can be made from start to finish in 20 minutes. 
(31 reviews)  4647 
Paperback  256 pages

The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing
One of the most popular brewing books is now revised and updated.  Whether a beginning, intermediate,or advanced home brewer, this fully illustrated guide reveals the secrets of home brewing; includes everything from how to personalize a beer to one's taste to steps of the home brewing process.
(27 reviews)  5576 
Paperback  398 pages

On Food and Cooking: 
The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
Trying to learn the nature of cooking and ingredients? This book is the classic guide to the scientific underpinnings of food; an excellent source for the science behind kitchen lore. Lighthearted but scientifically detailed. You'll return to the kitchen wiser, armed with knowledge and ready to eat.
(17 reviews)  1487 

The Carbohydrate Addict's Cookbook : 250 All-New Low-Carb Recipes That Will Cut the Cravings and Keep You Slim for Life
Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Over 250 low-carbohydrate recipes and personal anecdotes. Dishes from Greece, China, Spain, India, France, and the Mediterranean, as well as American dishes are included.
 (28 reviews)   77
Hardcover  291 pages

Crust & Crumb: Master Formulas For Serious Bakers
The author of the highly successful "Brother Juniper's Bread Book" combines traditional methods and whole grains with sometimes wild creativity to create breads that are delicious beyond belief. Advice on using food processors and bread machines; making world-class bread needn't be daunting. 
 (8 reviews)  9307
Hardcover  210 pages

The New Basics Cookbook
Celebrate the tastes, ingredients, techniques, and dishes that comprise the best of our cuisine in all its abundant variety. Over 30 chapters include 875 recipes, techniques, charts and tips, microwave miracles, and illustrations.
(33 reviews)  8104 
Paperback  864 pages

The New Making of a Cook:
The Art, Techniques, and Science of Good Cooking
Cooking schools have used Madeleine Kamman's The Making of a Cook since it first appeared in 1971. Now revised to reflect newer techniques, a wider range of ingredients, and the recent American aversion to fat.  Information for professionals, with clarity for all.
1998 James Beard Cookbook Award Winner
(11 reviews)  15510 

 The Low Blood Sugar Handbook : 
You Don't Have to Suffer....
(15 reviews)   4399
Paperback 185 pages

The Perfect Recipe : Getting It Right Every Time : Making Our Favorite Dishes the Absolute Best They Can Be
(48 reviews)  8810
Hardcover  416 pages

Rao's Cookbook : Over 100 Years of Italian Home Cooking
This fun and tasty paean to a neighborhood institution has become an Amazon.com runaway bestseller.
(20 reviews)  3055
Hardcover  207 pages

The Cake Bible
The classic cake cookbook. Clear, precise instructions for making special-occasion cakes of any size, special decorative techniques, countless solutions and tips for all the little problems that may arise. Illustrated. 
(51 reviews)  6098 
Hardcover   555 pages



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